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May 17, 2013
A lovely birthday to say the least. 40 gifts from Charlie? You are a lucky man. Besos, D
Poor you, stuck in the Napa Valley. ;-)
Your sarcasm is duly noted. David
You were quite charming with Martha Stewart.
Are you going to share the experience of meeting/greeting your adoring fans? Your book clutched tightly in their hands, sweaty from the anticipation of meeting you both! Happy New Year. D
Darling picture of Charlie and the babes.... Warms my heart...... Besos, D
Very moving Suvir. Thank you. Lovingly - D
Why focus on the past? We have enough racism, hate and now violent vitriol to deal with. Palin, the Tea Baggers and her friends at Fox News need to own up to the tragedy that took place in Tucson. I cannot believe that it has come to rabid politics in a country founded on the idea of 'freedom' - though the Native Americans were raped and pillaged to do so. Ugh. D
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2011 on Words that should OUTRAGE ALL! at Suvir
Ah Suvir, cleaning up Rose's work space. THAT speaks volumes! LOL xoxo
You lived in the Village? Interesting. I don't see it, but interesting. xoxo
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2010 on Best Ever Banana Bread at Suvir
Hello stranger - I hope you are feeling better. You don't drive? hmmmm....very interesting. When I'm under the weather, alone is best for me. My roommate is a terrible nurse and that only makes me feel worse. Best, David
Well done Suvir. But I'm not surprised, Rose's recipes (and instruction) are always spot on. Now I'm compelled to purchase her latest book. I have a lovely recipe for a "Whipped Cream Cake" from my pastry school days. Baked in a tradition cake pan and delicious. I'll have to do a comparison one day. Best, David
I also meant to mention my return to La Farine in the Rockridge section of Oakland,CA. Still as magical as the first time I stepped in that shop (with my mentor Don Eryck - RIP) 33 years ago. This is the bakery that introduced the world to the magic of making the "Morning Bun" with croissant dough. A treat that many bakers have copied since and honored Jacqueline - the first owner of La Farine who created this masterpiece.
This is exactly the kind of shop I would love to have. To quote you, "The couple are happy to give residents something plain and real. Honest and beautiful." My philosophy 100% in regards to Patisserie/Boulangerie. A beautiful and inspiring post. Merci Monsieur.
Your tributes are incredibly touching Suvir. Thank you for sharing them with us. How thrilling to read a post by Mai Pham. My roommate and I easily drive 1.5 hours to have dinner in our very favorite restaurant - Lemongrass in Sacramento. xo D
Looks as if the folks at Ravenous deleted my post wit the link to your blog. ;-)
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2010 on Ravenous - Good Fries, Bad Attitude. at Suvir
I agree with cherries and pits. Yikes. I do not have her new book. Until my roommate and I install some shelving to support my cookbook addiction - I have cut down on my acquisition of new cook books. LOL D PS: To date my favorite clafoutis recipe is from Eric Ripert - I am not afraid to admit that a very pretty face can cloud my judgement. LOL D
I saw this in today's paper and thought of your cherries. Flo never steers us wrong!
You have built it, they will come. Certainly all of your high profile connections will post your blog url on their sites? Not sure about the Hicks connection. Mine began in Illinois. That's where my papa was from. D
Well said Suvir. You are much more "generous" then I. If I had had your experience(s) I would never consider stepping foot in to the place again. D
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2010 on Ravenous - Good Fries, Bad Attitude. at Suvir
Beautiful photographs Suvir. I do hope at some point you will publish a book of all of your beautiful photos and writings. When I come to visit I will make you a delicious cherry pie with your gorgeous cherries. D PS: My last name is Hicks. ;-)
LOL. I'm sure some uptight foodie would have my head for that description. ;-)
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2010 on Tis' the season of Jam at Suvir