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For sceptics, a quick trip to Turin or Genoa, in Italy, to ride on a bus charged by Induction would be worthwhile. These buses are very REAL and have been operating successfully for over 10 years. The buses (40 in total) receive a top-up each time they stop to pick-up/drop-off passengers. The system is rated at 60kW and operates at 90% total system efficiency.
Plug and wire systems for charging vehicles use many of the same components found in Inductive systems...especially charging systems with Mode 3 safety protection and higher power levels. They too need coils, rectifiers, isolating transformers, and lengths of copper all with inherent losses. No transfer of power be it wired or wireless is 100% efficient and many of the plug and wire systems available quote wall-to-battery efficiencies south of Inductive systems!
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Mar 6, 2011