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Another wonderful post Matt. I too am always conflicted about Pride. When I see that Penguin clothing has a special "Pride Collection" with rainbow motifs, I feel alienated, not included. Same-sex desire has just become another (white male) consumer category of late capitalism while its architects as you say, "continue to reinforce the most regressive tendencies of our society." Did you see the magazine cover with the photograph of Pete Buttgieg and his husband Chasten? It was so "straight" and "white". "We're just like you." OY! And if you will permit me one more Pride rant. I cannot stand the legions of shirtless men on Pride, all with the same body. Not enough variety of flowers. In my mid 20's my bf at the time and I went to a pre-Pride brunch in the Village attended by a mostly older (30's!) white gay men. When I mentioned that at previous Prides, I had become bored by all the shirtless bodies, they all looked at me like I had 2 heads and then no one spoke with me after that. So, today I'm going to read some Oscar Wilde and enjoy the silence. Happy Pride, Kelly
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Jun 30, 2019