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Every mosque in the west should be flattened and this sicko wierdo cult should be driven back to the third world shitholes that it crawled out of..
I wonder will they be teaching the kids about the pedophilia in the muslim world.. people need to kick off about this and make noise,these terrorist loving pedophile praising cultists are getting way too much space in the USA
What are the USA and UK governments going to do about these Christian's? Christian's and Jews are thrown to the wolves in these countries and yet the USA wants to arm the filthy scumbag FSA rebels... it's disgusting!
This is pathetic.. Muslims are terrorising Christians in Africa and the Middle East and even Asia,,this is a fact,they can't even build a church in many muslim lands so why are US kids being brainwashed like this,the only thing they should be taught is that the Koran is an evil book and islam is an enemy of everything the west stands for.. Bleeding heart liberal's will be our downfall...
Almost every lens is sharp when stopped down,but not every lens offers low distortion,excellent color correction,flare resistance and high contrast wide open and thats what this lens is designed to do. I would still prefer medium format glass for it;s A.F and leaf shutters.. Leica S glass in particular but this new Zeiss lens is very attractive..
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2013 on Zeiss Monster at The Online Photographer
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Aug 10, 2013