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These guys are hunting for the post of president and vice president not for the enhancement of the living conditions of the Ndian people but definitely to fill their pockets with the subventions coming from their King- Paul Biya.
the SDF has once again shown that it is the only political party in Cameroon.This is so because every association or organisation has a memorandum of association or internal rules binding its members.These rules come before individual aspirations.So when five individuals go against the rules and regulations binding their own party,what can be expected of them when serving their towns when not all individuals therein are members of their party. Most importantly,NEC acts as the supervisory commission of the SDF and all members of this party are expected to respect the decisions thereof failure of which is non respect of party rules.So their dimissal is legal.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2007 on SDF Fires Five Mayors at Up Station Mountain Club