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A. A. Simplice
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"You have read my bullshit on this forum for long,and in order to confront me you changed your name from Simplice to USAfoolca,but the task is still above your head." by Watesih Gentlemen,permit me to stretch there's no ideological semblance between USAfrica and I.We're seperate beings.
May this wind of change bear some substance
Whether the Event was a coincidence or destiny,it's deserving of serious attention. Hold your lips, save your comments and let's see what action our Excellency takes;then shall we fully ascertain the origin of "inertiia".
Fon Ndoh is my Man of the year.My ordaining him so isn't any reflection of the appealing nature of his deeds:he's simply proven expressly to be above the law, with the conspiracy of certain government officials who should now be licking their wounds.Fon Ndoh,keep-on,and let no wine,no amount of water quench your taste for Power:Power to the Balikumbat People and Longlive our political actor of the year.