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I cannot validate your concern Ciaran. Haven't you heard about llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast which is a wonderfully powerful new architecture for linkset animation (linkset is a set of linked prims), you don't need a script in every prim anymore, it's all doable from the root prim... But wait there's more... you don't even have to write LSL to animate prims... just use Ferd's Super Prim Animator Script ( )... Put this script in a linkset critter and Touch it... self explanatory... easier to learn prim animation than using an early MAC imho... And guess what, when you do this in combination with Pathfinding and chatbots and other LSL capabilities... the possibilities are awesome... It's really too simple; that's why I'm teaching this new class on Pathfinding Artificial Intelligence (scroll up on this page for time/date/SLURL). Hand-wringing does lead anywhere. If you need more help with prim animations, I will hold your hand in my class until we will cross together into this brave new future… to create… prim animated… pathfinding … zero lag… artificial life forms. Which will proliferate throughout SL, once enough people see the light.
Sorry, I omitted date/place: Pathfinding AI Class, Tuesdays starting May 22nd, 2:30pm SLT, SLURL free. Prerequisites: Basic Building and Basic Scripting.
Chuckles! I'm glad hand-wringers are "playing" with PF. Movers and shakers are building an amazing PF future for SL. I'll be teaching that course at NCI every week 2:30pm SLT: Pathfinding AI. PF is a major sea change for SL; transforming SL's vast lifeless regions into lively immersive experiences, teaming with life. Responsible use of PF will cause zero lag. I am stress testing right now on a complex region, 80 NPCs, no impact on Time Dilation or lag, Spare Time still 8 - 10 ms range, plenty! Falcon announced yesterday a 4ms/frame throttled max time for cutting the navimesh. Don't fear the future.
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May 18, 2012