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Good to remember that BB OS7.1 does Tether so I can give WiFi data to iPod Touch for example or a friend. The little BB can be very useful.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2012 on BBM Voice Out Now On RIM OS 7 at VoIPWatch
I have use BBM Voip voice works very well, In BB I just one VoIP APP called "VMobile" works perfect I install my French VoIP account "" Blackberry I find them a good communication device and you complement with an iPhone or Android, or a Windows Phone suppose . Regards Carlos
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2012 on BBM Voice Out Now On RIM OS 7 at VoIPWatch
Terrible Google destroys a a good service like Gizmo5, I have on my Nokia since many years, also on my Siemens VoIp Base, in my house in France, I make Voip calls all the time, members of my family to and friends . You could forward Skype, Google Phone etc.WiFi in Hotels etc In my House in FL. Google Voice is a very simple service that has different features than Gizmo5, why did not sell instead of destroying! For travelers Gizmo has been an excellent service. They should fire who ever made that decision. Carlos
Yoigo limits the speed to 384kbs on this Prepaid card, maybe that, if you want more speed the you buy or change the Data Plan to €3 per day. HappyMovil mention above €1 a day also limits speed to 384kbs. Regards Carlos
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2011 on Skype, VoIP Is Blocked in Spain at VoIPWatch
Yes carriers as pipe, I always use them that way,I buy my services and read what I want. Google will just make it easy Regards Carlos
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Dec 18, 2009