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Hypothetically I'm sure they could launch a surprise attack, but the thing is, about 2 million people live in south Lebanon. Is the US going to launch a strategic bombing campaign out of the blue, resulting in 20 to 40k dead civilians? It would seem that for political reasons and not technical ones, that would be impossible. I would imagine the campaign would follow a traditional Israeli attack that is always intended to force a flood of refugees northward. The causus beli for the US would be that Hizbullah had the temerity to hit back, and therefore must be destroyed. At any rate, my guess is that a media campaign to justify it would have to take place. The political cost to the US for conducting such strategic bombing would be enormous. Even if plenty of media signalling takes place. While Russia wont stop the US bombardment, it will be very hard to say "tsk, tsk" in reaction to anything they do in Ukraine. Or China in Taiwan. Overall, it is such a stupid idea the mind boggles that policy makers actually are planning it. But as the Colonel says, if you are lead by fools, expect folly. Ziad AKA Lysander
I can only assume that if faced with such firepower, Hizbullah would blend in with the 2 million Lebanese refugees fleeing north and live to fight another day. Or just flee to Syria and wait it out there where Russian presence would certainly complicate a carpet bombing campaign. I don't think they will sit there, waiting patiently for evaporation. Ziad, AKA Lysander.