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Tallahassee, FL
I'm in college and lead a pretty boring life
Interests: internet, funny things, politics, science, movies, music, good stuff, bad stuff, moral and ethical grey areas, human rights, women, people, teknology (that's T-E-K-nology), Louis C.K., Obama, television, thinking about stuff
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Penis Shark is just like David Letterman (he wants to rape your children with his mouth).
They've started back up six months after the end of season 2, which was the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 62, so that means they're in April "right now," and have a whole summer and most of fall to get through before JFK, but it WILL HAPPEN this season, Matt Weiner has said so, if I remember right. Personally though, I can't wait for '64, with LBJ's "Daisy" campaign ad. And, you know, Civil Rights and everything. Good times!
I was there last time he played in Tallahassee, it was like my second show here. He was pretty good, but a bunch of assholes kept yelling "NO CHILDREN!" trying to get him to play it. I like "No Children," but I'm glad he didn't cave to the assholes' demands. Anyway after the second encore, when he walked offstage, he walked right by me and I'm pretty sure he was crying. All in all it was an awesome show, and an awesome night.
Well I was right. Only 47% of Southerners believe Obama was born in the United States. We are dummmmmmmmmm. fml.
I'm fully aware of how terrible that show is, but I find it totally fascinating in a really condescending way. Also I get this sadistic kind of schadenfreude when bad things happen to Carrie & Friends and they whine about it like the weak, self-absorbed monsters the show's creators (and, apparently, millions of actual women in this country) seem to think all women are. ...Does that make me sexist? Am I sexist now? Fuck.
What about the Spanish Inquisition? The Black Plague? The Sack of Rome? Nero?
Gabe and Max make the best videos. I hope this isn't really the last one.
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"This video is private." Private video fail. :(
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The only books I read in my 90s childhood were Animorphs and Goosebumps. It is embarrassing and I am embarrassed by it.
All those not-so-subtly racist remarks by the Senators in the Sotomayor hearings are a lot less surprising after knowing about this. I bet a lot of those segregationist white parents also think Obama isn't a natural born US citizen.
I feel like a big part of being a professional photographer is to make up long, pretentious speeches about how your idea is creative and metaphorical, when all you really want to say "Hey, wouldn't it look really cool if [finish this sentence]?"
git dat $$$
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Lindsay, I question your commitment to stopping fake rap. Math rap is a gateway rap which leads to other, worse, more annoying forms of fake rap.
Furries don't try to convert anyone. They just want to be left alone, it seems.
I See A Darkness, Waitin' For Superman, or Steal My Sunshine
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Don Draper should not be showing so much emotion! That is not the Don Draper I know and love. You lie, fifties hats, you lie! Also he shouldn't be so obsessed with the past. Get out of here and move forward. It never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened. Duh.
Poor furries. Why are they so ashamed? They should own their weirdness, wear it proudly!
I've always suspected that Hot Topic's market is exclusively 12 year old girls, and the hair and makeup on that model ("Jenny Lewis Geisha"? I don't know) is not convincing me otherwise.
Man, I am 21 and I am older than this 23 year old. Oh, my misspent youth, gone forever! I didn't even realize it, I thought I had more time... What are we talking about again? Anyway, time to get ready for bingo. I'm feeling lucky tonight. Maybe I'll finally win the $25 gift certificate for Ole Times Country Buffet! Fingers crossed. Ouch, my arthritis! Where are my glasses? Gonna rain soon...
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And then they all went out and hung a faggot from a tree branch with barbed wire together. Lolz!
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Very friendly, indeed. All my friends are zombies with cameras.
Are there avian furries, or are they a separate thing, because of the feathers? Foghorn Leghorn needs love, too.
Wow, Patton Oswalt making me :(? The world is upside down!
A not-inauspicious start! Re-start! I don't know. Spike Jonze's voice does not at all sound like how I thought it would. He sounds like he has a cold or something.
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