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interesting discussion topic indeed. wondering though... tim, what makes you think HR is to be the work-life balance gatekeeper? i'm not sure this is something i've ever seen as an area i own. have you? do you now? just wondering where is that coming from?
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I hear you, Maren. My point was not that ethics do not matter or that appropriate disclosure isn't important. This is an issue facing every industry and verticle where blogging communities exist. My point was that only a small fraction of our blog audience and the greater HR/recruiting community cares about this issue and therefore, I don't think our blogs are the place to play out the issue... JL Jessica Lee senior employment manager APCO Worldwide 202.386.0538 (bberry) 202.478.3723 (office) :: this message was sent via blackberry ::
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you know... what you're teaching isn't rocket science, i think we can agree to that. however, there are people out there who can't figure it out on their own and need help. if you can capitalize on that, then more power to you and i hope you make a lot of money in the process. maybe peter weddle doesn't understand capitalism. :) keep doing what you're doing!
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quick note because i want to write more on this one... and probably will because i actually don't think a commitment to your profession isn't good enough. you and i have a shared commitment to our profession - to seeing HR be better, cooler, sexier, smarter... but that's not enough to bind us together as professionals in our blog, in other places. for things to really work, there has to be a shared commitment to a set of values. and when i think about things from a recruiting perspective - i recruit for and want to hire folks who share in the values of my firm. dunno if i'm just really seeing things lately through rose colored lenses... but that idealistic perspective is keeping me going lately...
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