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William Murdock
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This is what I sent to them. Feel free to copy and paste. As a 3 time combat veteran of two wars I am personally appalled at the fact that your organization refuses to endorse LTC Allen West in his bid to serve as a congressman from Florida. It is persons like LTC West who have allowed all of us to live free and have the choices that we do in this country. I have recently read of some of the other endorsements that the VFW has given to politicians in this upcoming election and I am absolutely disgusted. Many of the people that the VFW are endorsing have done nothing to actually support veterans. Its true, some may have signed on to a defense bill or been a co-sponsor, but the overall track records of most of these incumbents shows a complete lack of respect for what veterans have done for this country. While it is within your rights as a national organization to endorse who you deem to be the best candidate, I will say that you do not have my vote to do so. In fact you will no longer have my money, membership or my time. I will gladly join another organization that has the best interests of not only veterans but their families at heart. In addition I will be forwarding information on your endorsements to everyone I know, who is either a member of the VFW or a contributor via donations or volunteerism, in the hopes that they will follow my lead and stop being affiliated with the VFW. One would think that in such a pivotal election year as this one, that an organization that represents so many veterans, would have at least asked some of those veterans who they would like to see endorsed. Wm. K. Murdock Gunnery Sergeant US Marine Corps (Retired)
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Oct 7, 2010