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New York
I write code and take photos.
Interests: photography, programming, python, scheme, the web, emacs, programming langauges
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apgwoz added a favorite at nataliepo
Nov 30, 2012
This document describes how I implemented a tiny compiler for a toy programming language somewhat reminiscent of C and Forth. The funny bit is that I implemented the compiler in the language itself without directly using any previously existing software. So I started by writing raw machine code in hexadecimal... Continue reading
The video below is a good starting point, but then read on for a description of how TCP/IP is actually transported over a Lego train carrier. Basically, on the back of each train is a USB memory key (literally a key in this case; the French have a good sense... Continue reading
The Rascal is a small, open source computer that works with Arduino shields. Inside, it runs Linux, and you can program it in Python. The Rascal comes with a web-based editor and lots of examples that you can modify to make whatever you want. via This looks like fun! Continue reading
Functory is a distributed computing library for Objective Caml which facilitates distributed execution of parallelizable computations in a seamless fashion. Further, it is polymorphic, incorporates a robust fault-tolerant mechanism and is already being deployed in real-world applications. via All amazing properties to have if you want something to be... Continue reading
TL;DR Specify your webapp’s monitoring in a plain text file that your monitoring provider reads at http://yoursite.tld/monitors.txt to setup your monitors via I'm recycling a lot of hacker news today, but for some reason it's good today. Must be a full moon or something. The BDD style specification sure... Continue reading
So today I was playing with some web security and one my surprises was when I decided to test the Forget the Password link on Facebook. via Is anyone surprised here? Continue reading
Java is a great platform and also the language has some nice features. Xtend is not meant to replace Java all together but to be a convenient alternative in situations where Java doesn't shine. Therefore Xtend ... via yawn. I'm so tired of seeing new languages that just compile... Continue reading
Lisp is a really excellent language in a lot of ways, but the Lisp world has several huge social problems. I'd like to help, but I don't think I can, because they don't want to hear it from anyone, and least of all from me. via Truth! Continue reading
@apgwoz: I've infiltrated the #nyse. I was there all day, protesting in spirit, but in reality for a recruiting event. I did go with a stack of copies of "The Occupied Wall St Journal" just for good measure—many people took a copy (there were lots of college students from out... Continue reading
You can call Occupy Wall Street, the protest that has occupied a park in lower Manhattan for the last month, a product of innumerable “hacks” of a sort. via ... and I was also interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Busy day yesterday, busy day. Continue reading
Occupy Wall Street has an IT department. The movement’s technologists, like their park-squatting counterparts, are a decentralized group. But they’ve independently started hackathons this weekend in New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. via I was quoted on Mashable! Continue reading
I favorited this post, not because you shout out to my beautifully cute daughter, but because the post is an inspiring read!
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apgwoz added a favorite at nataliepo
Oct 8, 2011
We decided to exploit this scale, together with Node’s high I/O performance, to build a large-scale distributed computing project that people could join just by visiting a web page. Searching for aliens was quickly eliminated as we didn’t have our own antenna array available at the time. So we went... Continue reading
Javascript Cryptography Considered Harmful—I actually wish they went one step further and took out the word "Cryptography." Continue reading
If you haven't already heard about it, Lisp is a neat little family of languages; its extremely minimal syntax lets us think in nearly-pure algorithms, un-muddled by crufty syntax or obligatory boilerplate. via This guy is smoking crack. There's Racket, and then there are all sorts of other platforms... Continue reading
via Pretty much everything has just changed. Let's hope there's no patent applied for, which stifles new innovation from it. I'm guessing it's publicly funded, so we're probably safe. Phew. That was close. Continue reading
At first, the LISP syntax of Clojure looks bewildering to say the least for someone originating from a non-Lisp background. However, once you get your head around the basics and the basic forms, it is actually both very simple and compact at the same time. My guesstimate is that it... Continue reading
In the end, you'll leave C, not because you want something better, but because you can't handle the intensity. C says "I'm gonna live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse," but you know that C can never die, not so long as C is still the fastest thing... Continue reading
Kevin Kelleher suggested an interesting way to compare programming languages: to describe each in terms of the problem it fixes. The surprising thing is how many, and how well, languages can be described this way. via Continue reading
This is a fully-featured web platform for everyone's favorite scripting language: bash. Because, you know, we can. via I still like Cobol on Cogs better, but this isn't a joke! Continue reading
Class method differences in Python: bound, unbound and static Continue reading
The year is 1978, and the first wave of punk rock is reaching its nihilistic peak with infamous U.K. band the Sex Pistols touring the United States and promptly breaking up by the time they reach the West Coast. Elsewhere, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie are putting the finishing touches... Continue reading
With Prolog I hope to build, in effect, a script generator. My Prolog code right now can query AWS and load in the initial state: all available instances, volumes, snapshots, security groups, etc. in your account. The programmer only needs to define the goal state: the way you want your... Continue reading