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Tell them to go out and buy an edition of the Idiots guide to getting published. You know, the one that dedicates entire sections to "this is what your editor's/agent's day looks like -- it's only 24 hours of pure hell a day. Thank you." If they don't get it then, they're in trouble. Heck, I have an agent going on two years now trying to seel one property -- and he's querying to one publisher for the last two years, because they keep firing and hiring new editors. In short: tell your authors to get a grip.
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Considering the industry's various and sundry problems, I can understand the turf war. I would imagine it would become even MORE problematic over, say, e-publishing rights? It would be difficult to become territorial over that, but given how much money is there, I expect that to be the next battleground.
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Yes, and what do you do with someone like Jeffery Deaver? When his Lincoln Rhyme novels are 100% police procedurals, yet they seem hyped up on crack and go at the pace of the average Vince Flynn novel.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2011 on Genre at Hey, There's A Dead Guy in the Living Room
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Considering Fairstein's former profession, how about "Law & Order: SVU" without all the angst?
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May 17, 2011