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Medford, MA
Dept. of Mental Health IT professional with interest in Biblical Peacemaking
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I'll add my "amen" to your observation.
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May I offer the observation that something that is often absent in such argumentative exchanges is listening? Far too often, with each party anxious to define what's really important and champion the "truth" that conforms to that sense of priorities, each can be talking past the other, with no awareness of what the other intends to say. I commend to your attention the work and teaching of Peacemaker Ministries []. Among the more important things I've learned from study and practice of their materials is that penetrative listening is a prerequisite to effective proclamation. In a face to face exchange, that usually means listening long enough and deeply enough to be able to repeat back to the other party what she has said in a way that is recognizable to her (only she can validate the recapitulation) and then, instead of repudiation of what I might not agree with, acknowledge and commend what I agree with and ask questions about what I don't agree with (again moving toward clarity). So, as to the question of "what's worth fighting for", when I see a need for "correction", I do not see it as something worth fighting for, rather an opportunity for "speaking truth in love"; it requires patience, which is not accomplished without prayer, guided by Biblical promise (eg.,Eph 4:15). Admittedly, we don't see this happening very often in church contexts. But, doesn't the burden of authentic leadership include the willingness to exemplify what we'd like to see more of?
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