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IF BUSH WERE STILL PRESIDENT Iraq would not be collapsing into a another Vietnam, and the Mideast into a South East Asia catastrophe. Click my name for more on the Iraq-Vietnam analogy.
OBAMA IS THE MOST HYPER-PARTISAN PRESIDENT in American history making partisan political decisions on matters of war and peace with little or no regard for the life and death of our troops, or for the peace and stability of the Middle East..a region vital to our interests. Not even LBJ in the worst political decisions he made while micromanaging the Vietnam War was this dangerously irresponsible. Obama is Herbert Hoover + LBJ x Jimmy Carter squared.
And what is the state of the nation in 2014? A more perfect (dis)Union.
PERHAPS THE DYING OF ARIEL SHARON is a providential event to remind Israel about the disastrous retreat from Gaza.
NEVER SAY OBAMA NEVER KEEPS HIS WORD He promised to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home and did. He promised to engage with the mullahs and make peace with them and is doing so. He promised to be the Defender of Islam-In-Chief and fight anti-Moslem bigotry and has kept his word. He promised health care reform and to insure the poor and we got it big time. Unfortunately the promises he's kept like the one's broken are disasters. History will remember him as keeping all the wrong promises and breaking all the right ones. Obama's on his way to a legacy of ashes, and a post-presidency no denizen of hell will envy.
Isn't it errie that the greatest enabler of Iranian power (exceeding Carter and Bush) was elected president on the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis?
The Eternal Avatar's genocidal Third Reich of invincible Aryan Supermen only lasted 12 of its predicted 1000 years; while Jewish Israel (which should have died shortly after its birth killed in the cradle by its Arab-Nazi foes) is in its 66th year and thriving. The Jewish state is now 5.5 times older than the Nazi state with no end to it in sight. There's nothing like kike-power.
Which Saint Francis are you talking about? The Vatican II (new age) ecumenical Francis who went to the Moslems to dialogue with them? Or the committed, fearless, Roman Catholic apostle who after preaching Christ to the Sultan to save his soul from doom famously challenged him saying: “If you yet waver between Christ and Mohammed, order a fire kindled and I will go into it with your priests that you may see which is the true Faith.” Meaning whoever emerged from the fire alive and unscathed will be a sign from God which is the true faith. Francis believed there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church; and that all infidels (Moslems, Jews and pagans) were doomed. You and I may disagree with Francis (I'm a Jew). But that was the real, authentic, compassionate 13th century Saint Francis.
BARACK OBAMA'S TWO VIETNAMS Obama was born on August 4, 1961, exactly 69 days before the fatal day of December 11, 1961: this day marked the beginning of US military involvement in Vietnam when JFK sent a shipment of helicopter gunships to Saigon and the service men who'd fly them for the South Vietnamese. On that very day John F. Kerry (a JFK imitator and wannabe and disgraceful Vietnam vet) celebrated his 18th birthday. In July 2009 Robert McNamara and Walter Cronkite (both born in 1916) died a few days apart. As JFK's and LBJ's Defense Secretary McNamara completely mismanaged the Vietnam War; and it was Cronkite who singlehandedly turned the Tet Offensive (a defeat for the VietCong and North Vietnamese) into a huge propaganda victory for Hanoi. Tet was the turning point for the US defeat in Vietnam...we won every battle but lost the peace. Iraq is Obama's first Vietnam; the second is on its way in Afghanistan.
WHEN IT COMES TO ISLAM POPE FRANCIS IS NO SAINT FRANCIS If Saint Francis of Assisi (Catholicism’s greatest and most popular Medieval saint) were Pope today instead of Pope Francis (who took his name from the Saint) would he have said that Islam was a ”religion of peace and opposed to every form of violence?” Would a Pope Saint Francis have made such a patently false and absurd statement against 1400 years of brutal historical experience with Islamic conquest and colonization of Christian lands? If so then why didn’t the Saint oppose the Crusades against the ”peace-loving” Islamic faith? Why didn’t he denounce Pope Innocent III who launched Christendom’s 5th bloody Crusade in 1217? When in 1219 Francis joined the Crusaders in Egypt as they were assaulting the walled city of Damietta why didn’t he try to stop them from attacking the ”peace loving” Moslems they were wrongfully fighting? And when the Crusaders and the Egyptian army of sultan Malik al-Kimal (the most powerful man in Islam and ruler of Jerusalem) agreed to a cease fire why did Francis risking death cross over to the Moslem camp with the intent of converting the sultan to Christianity? If Francis regarded Islam as a gentle, humane, non-violent ”religion of peace,” and the Crusaders as the aggressors and bad guys in the conflict fighting an unjust war against a peace-loving faith, then why did he try to Christianize the sultan?.... Click my name to continue reading.
So what is your neo-Nazi masterplan and final solution for extinguishing the Jewish race when Hitler's failed along with all the others?
POPE FRANCIS IS A VERY GOOD AND SAINTLY MAN and is wise about many things. Unfortunately Islam and economics are among them.
ISLAM IS A RELIGION FROM HELL And Hell is a place without humor...cold, hard, dark and pitiless, joyless like the Black Rock of Mecca.
ONLY IF 2014 IS 2010 REDUX with voters giving Obama and the Dems political shellacking two will this be a happy year for me.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2014 on Happy New Year! at Atlas Shrugs
JUST WHEN YOU THINK this hopeless administration has reached the lowest rock bottom rung of embarrassment and stupidity something like this comes along to make you realize its bottomless.
LET ME UNDERSTAND THIS: Al Qaida-linked jihadists (Mohammed al-Zawahiri, Tawfiq Al 'Afani and others) helped incite the 9-11-12 protest at the US Embassy in Cairo (the crowds were waving al Qaida flags and chanting "Obama, Obama! We are all Osama!") but had nothing to do with the deadly attack on the US consulate in Benghazi?
WHY DOES ALLAH SO DELIGHT IN DECAPITATION above all other methods of killing infidels? Could it be because it's symbolic of the heedlessness of unbelievers remaining in sin? That in rejecting Islam they were headless before losing their heads to the executioner?
as supremacists like Khamenei....
IF JESUS WAS A MOSLEM like supremacists like Khamenei (following the Koran) believe he was then if he were alive he'd be an anti-American jihadist. Click my name and read my piece, Ali Khamenei, the Koranic Christ and the Defeat of America.
IF ONLY THEY COULD LIMIT their violence to themselves then Islam would be a religion of masochistic peace.
so-called gay Christians
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2013 on Pamela Geller, WND Column: Duck Soup at Atlas Shrugs
OBAMA'S BUTT-KISSING OUTREACH TO NEO-OTTOMAN ISLAMIST TURKEY IS PREDICTABLY BACKFIRING like Jimmy Carter's outreach to the America-hating Ayatollah Khomeine-his administration called him a "Democrat" "progressive" "friend of the West" "saint". Oddly on the day of Obama's visit to Turkey (April 6, 2009) a Turkish born Canadian stole a single engine plane from a Canadian flight school and flew it across the US border. Two F-16 jets forced the thieving pilot to land in Ellsinore, Missouri. Ominously Ellsinore is located in Carter County. Click my name to read more on this fascinating subject.
You're reaction to my post is typical of so-call gay Christians (and I knew many of them) who see the Gospel Christ in their own politically correct perverse image as a filthy homosexual sodomite who fornicated with his disciples (the "Queering of Jesus"), instead of an otherworldly spiritual ascetic prayfully absorbed in the ecstatic contemplation of God with zero interest in sex and the pleasures of this world. BTW, for Christian fundamentalists like Phil Robertson sexual sin isn't limited to homosexuality but includes premartial heterosexual intercourse, which he certainly was guilty of in his wild days.
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2013 on Pamela Geller, WND Column: Duck Soup at Atlas Shrugs
FROM THE DUCK COMMANDER TO OLD ST. NICK white bearded Christians are under attack this year. If you're a white bearded Christian I advise that you shave lest a leftist or Moslem tear it off your face. Only believers like Hanooti can have such beards.