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(F)rank (G)ave (H)iedi's (I)uganas (J)ackets (K)nowing (L)urking (M)ade (N)ancy (O)bviously (P)issed.
1. toilet paper. Why has no one said this? 2. my iphone 3. COFFEE 4. a cup from which to drink said coffee (no one likes coffee-hands). 5. wiFi...I have a freakin iPhone.
I had kindergarteners trying to fool me all day. One came in and said "I lost a tooth!" I told him he had fooled another teacher with that. He said "YOUR SHOE IS UNTIED!?" i said no way! Then, at the end of class, he stops and says "Did I tell you I saw a BEAR at my mawmaw's house yesterday?" I fell for it. Totally. YOU DID?! I said. He grinned at me "APRIL FOOLS!!"
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Jealous of the English teacher, teaching poetry, Can't help but think, in a few years that will be me.
He found my icecream stash. Shit.
He works nights while I teach during the day. If I can get out of work early, it's on. But other than that, it's basically weekends, and even then you never know when during that time. Last week we had a snow day, which allowed me to stay home with him. Needless to say, we have a new snow day/delay tradition.
We had those places in my college, and no one in ever said they'd sit there and wait. Most of us said that if the elevator wasn't working, we'd be more likely to pick the person up and carry them than we were to just let them sit in a hole in the wall.
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Jul 28, 2010