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Picture swinging the controller as a lightsaber in an onscreen battle and I think you can get an idea of why I'm excited. Besides, what else could they do? Update the graphics? There's a limit to how far you can go with that. Realistic is realistic. It's time for a revolution[sic], and Nintendo is the one to do it. Look at it this way. If it fails, doubters can go buy a PS2, which is what the revolution would have been another version of if they stuck with the "beef up the graphics" mentality anyway. The only one who really stands to lose is Nintendo. Anyway, I see the revolution as the next step. Just like 2d to 3d platforming, now we'll have the move from 2d controlling to 3d controlling. Am I the only one looking for something new? How many times can one play a variation on the Tomb Raider control scheme?
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