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This article is Upworthy, not Hypebot-worthy. Major kudos to the Apple Store employee for remaining compassionate and non-confrontational. Instead of sharing this in a way that welcomes ridicule, perhaps some effort should be directed at noticing a clear call for help from a troubled young man who I suggest may have undiagnosed Autism.
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Nonsense. SoundCloud is hanging itself by the short leash Warner has it on. Every pro user I know is dropping their subscriptions. SoundCloud's days are numbered.
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A link would be really nice.
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Six links in this article, and none of them to AppLoud. Come on, guys.
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I'm generally a fan, and maybe it's just all the negativity regarding business models floating around, but it seems out of character for you to dismiss this before it gets started. Upon reading the headline, my first thought was "are you f'n kidding me?" quickly followed by "how do I sign up". It is really hard to get anyone to part with a penny for music these days. I run a small label, and the truth is that my artists make more from Bandcamp than any other source. This excites me because it's another revenue stream (trickle, I suppose). Every little bit helps.
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Thanks for the write-up! We really appreciate it. Our current situation has delayed the magazine launch a couple of weeks, but assuming the review process with Apple goes well, the first issue will be available around the beginning of December.
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Nov 19, 2013