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Killeen, TX
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Thank you so much for this!
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If the queue is being saved anyway, I don't see the point of them making it invisible to us just because we are only streaming. I don't plan on only streaming forever, just when its convenient for me. I don't always have time to watch rented dvd's. Some months are slower for me and I will have time to rent. I've always enjoyed how flexible Netflix is as far as changing plans whenever I want. I would still like the ability to add dvd's to a queue for future rental. I called them last week to give them my opinion on the topic and hopefully the powers that be will take that into consideration.
Been on 3 + streaming for a long time and my price is barely going up so it doesn't bother me. I still don't get why everyone has their panties in a bunch over this either. No one complains much about shelling out big bucks for their phones and most people pay for cable like its no big deal. Those are the things that add up and really eat away at your bank account. As a cord cutter, Netflix is a tremendous value for me and my kids and at $24 a month, I won't complain!
This happens to me. We have a spare computer hooked up to our living room tv and we put shortcuts to the kids shows on the desktop to make it easier. My daughter can't read, but can recognize the icons we added so she can switch shows when she wants. Clicking on them doesn't take us to the correct page a lot of the time. This seems to be a recent thing though. It was working fine before.
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May 21, 2011