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Toronto, ON
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Definitely eyesight, pretty much everything I love to do involves vision. I would like to keep making art forever! But taste would be tough to lose, too..
Hey, I read your blog as well! (I'm from Notpaper). That post was a bit confusing, because my name is April too, but spelled Aprile. So I was like, wait, did I interview you this week? I don't remember that! Cheers! Aprile
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Wow. I actually just got up from bed in the middle of the night, because I couldn't sleep, thinking about these same things. A little of the same, a little different. I just discovered this blog right now, through Pikaland, and this blog post (first one on the page) shocked me, because it's what I'm thinking right now. I spent the whole day doing "research" because I'm a bit frustrated that my work isn't selling, and I am currently unemployed. I was trying to come up with new ideas, which I love doing and I'm good at, but I find it always gets me nowhere, or further along paths that are leading to nowhere. I've had so many jobs (retail, food service, etc. etc) and even though I'm a very hard worker at whatever I do, I left all of them feeling rejected and abused. I just keep ending up in the wrong situations, or make the wrong choices. This is one reason I have always dreamed of working for myself, and I used to see every odd job ending as the inevitability that I will one day not have to work for anyone ever again. That something was telling me it was meant to be. Anyway, I just thought I'd share. I'm in the same boat right now, broke and creatively confused. I hope you can put your ideas to work and move forward!
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Just wrote about his work on my blog, and it includes an interview if you'd like to know more about him!
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Psst... Her name is Layla, just thought I would let you know! I love your site by the way, I'm a subscriber. I'm glad you like mine! Take care.
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