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Professional Dreamer trying to live it out .
Interests: Non-Profits, Music, Photography, Art, Volunteering
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it'll rock your soul one year has passed since i have graduated from college. It's crazy what how much one simple year can do to a person. I guess we just start to notice it more with age, the more complex we get. I am so eager for the future. i have so many goals i want to reach for 2011. Like become an organ donor, run in a 10k, learn to play guitar, save up to buy a fancy smancy camera and start my career path in the non-profit industry oh and travel... i'm thinking paris or england when my damn student loan is finally gone. I'd actually love to start learning french, whenever i can afford some rosetta stone. So much to want and strive for. There's always a dream, a desire alive in my heart and thank God, because it brings me to life. I am a soul that will always be awake.The hardest year i believe i've experienced minus my one summer of depression, was the one after college was done. When your there, it's always about your own shit show, me me me. I never have felt like i am a selfish person but after escaping the so called bubble, that encourages every student to be selfish to get what you want in life, which i feel is somewhat necessary, but is such a fallacy after. I have learned to appreciate all the support my parents gave me those 4 years and continue to give today. I was taught, as many others are my age, i am entitled. And good ole college sure does ingrain that idea deep in our brain while we're there, probably so they can get every penny out of us without question. i sound bitter, but hey i am an optimist, so it was alittle crushing when i couldn't get hired with my dream job when i was out. I've had 4 different jobs and an internship this last year. oh yeah my life has been scrambled as much as eggs. I miss the connections i had in college with dozens of friends i had and of course certain people who i have lost touch with. But life is strange and there are many forks in the road, so i see nothing is impossible. The path has many crossroads. Anyways enough releasing to my digital diary tonight. "Bonne nuit, mon amour". Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2010 at Adarner9's blog
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Dec 7, 2010
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