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23-24th April 2016, University of Reading Full details including how to register and information about accessibility at the conference website. This is the 7th Annual conference of Experimental Philosophy UK & 2016 Ratio Conference. Here's a list of presenters and titles. Thanks are due to Analysis Trust and to Society... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2016 at Experimental Philosophy
The 7th Conference of Experimental Philosophy UK is taking place 23-24 April 2016 in Reading. The topic is 'Experimental Philosophy as Applied Philosophy'. There is a call for abstracts. The deadline is 15 January 2016. To see the full details Download CFA This will also be the 2016 Ratio Conference. Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2015 at Experimental Philosophy
Experimental Philosophy Group UK -- 6th Annual Workshop Event Date: 29-30 June 2015 Deadline: 31 March 2015 Call for abstracts for presentations and posters. All abstracts are welcome which either report experimental findings or otherwise discuss experimental philosophy. While all submissions are welcome, we especially encourage submissions that concern the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2015 at Experimental Philosophy
(As I urge, in my paper - linked above) I think that it is important to recognise the extent to which intuition-talk in philosophy is part of a much wider phenomenon. The data I present show that use of intuition-talk has been on the increase in almost every single academic discipline, in English fiction writing, and in Time magazine. While this data doesn't speak to the ways intuition-talk might be different in those different places, it does suggest that there is something important going on which is rather more general. We shouldn't forget the possibility that changes in philosophers' use of intuition-talk, and the heritage of contemporary philosophers' intuition-talk, might be firmly rooted in the use of intuition-talk in English more generally. From within, it is very tempting to reach solely for philosophy-specific influences such as Chomsky, Sidgwick, Bergson, ... etc. But, while these are surely part of the picture, I'm inclined to suggest that they are not the major players.
Cool to see this discussion carrying on over here! I am definitely sympathetic to the general tenor of your post. Indeed, I made a very similar point in my PhD thesis using examples of use gleaned through JStor. I am going to take the chance to link to the paper I linked to over at Caterina's post here too, as the main thrust is pretty sympathetic to your thoughts in this post In the paper, I present evidence that casts severe doubt at least on the idea that the influence of Chomsky is the most important explanatory factor when it comes to the prevalence of intuition-talk in philosophy today. The paper is forthcoming in Metaphilosophy. (Sorry for indulging in a little self-promotion)
Experimental Philosophy Group UK invites the submission of 500-word abstracts for 45-minute presentations on any aspect of experimental philosophy for their upcoming workshop. We also invite submissions for 15-minute presentations outlining delegates’ current projects or research interests. Keynote presentations will be given by Molly Crockett (UCL) and Shen-yi Liao (Leeds).... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2014 at Experimental Philosophy
Is the draft still available? The link in the post is not working for me at the moment.
@Thomas Thanks I have passed that invitation on. Everyone We envisage that registration will close within the next few days. There are very few places remaining. We are very pleased about the level of interest. We are considering the possibility of moving to a larger room in order to accommodate more participants. If you were planning on registering for the workshop at a later date could you send an email to expressing your interest. Counting these emails will help us gauge whether a larger room would be worthwhile. Thanks for your continued interest in the group, Bryony, Robin and James
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Jun 28, 2010