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Hi There there's a simple (free) lookup on our site for finding out which telco owns a particular number : note - we can also (for a charge) look up and see which networks mobiles have been ported to. This is called an HLR (home location register lookup) and is a real-time network query. hope this helps !
hi there aql works on the n80i simply text nokia to 64446 and you will receive an autoconfiguration message once set up, you can make free voip to voip calls and low cost international calls. we're happy to support anyone who has any problems with the setup procedure via our freephone 0800 number (0800 389 5815)
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2007 on GizmoVoIP and the Nokia N80i at VoIPWatch
Hi there adam from aql here.. if you have an n80i, if you text "nokia" (without the quotes) to 64446 you should receive an auto-configuration sms which will set up your phone for voip on the aql network. the only thing you have to set up is the access point.. any problems - please contact us ! kind regards adam
Hi there Adam Beaumont from aql here - happy to set you up with a trial! - please contact me on kind regards
Hi Andy Adam from aql here! Just noticed your article and would be happy to get you up and running. Do you have a nokia ESeries? We need to know your mobile number in order to set this up - can you send it to me privately? best regards Adam