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As the current TTIP (US vs EU) is on its way, there is a overall resistance against TTIP (and for that matter CETA with Canada) but it is not really about free trade it is about all the investors BS. What Europe wants is that imports should take into account all rules for the consumer. Anyway, I am going to push boycotts of US Corps who disdain our rules!
Toggle Commented May 3, 2016 on The Davos Lie at Economist's View
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And when will we get those "simple and dirty" rules for those banks and Bank imperiums (US and European)
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As a parent of three children, my most important endeavour was to give each of them the best education possible (each one did what he/she could). The result I wished for is that they find their place in society be it better off or less better off than our (their parents) in society. The rest will be settled when we disapear, they will get what rests of our life savings. Of course I hope they do better, but in the times we live in it is not easy even with a "good" education. Good education is what matters!
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Weer eens een mooi stukje, met de nodige humor. Als econoom zou ik het ook op prijs stellen dat eens een Dame van die prijs én eer zou genieten.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2009 on Geen schoonheidsprijs at Mr. Market
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