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As being a misunderstood child in high school when I first started SL and my autism being diagnosed at a time when people had no clue what autism was Torley helped me with his tutorial videos getting to know SL and also learning about support groups in SL and that I wasn't alone in the autism spectrum and that there were people like me with a passion for art and creativity and obsessions like dragons 😊 sad to hear he's gone like a portion of the soul of SL died with him. 😥
I've got a friend who will be disappointed about this he uses black Dragon a lot in terms of high Def photography in SL. ☹️
Personally I'd of loved to try sansar but Iam glad they're focusing back to SL mabye they'll update their engine and improve it even more. I think the big problem with Sansar is the cost of pc VR headsets these days most can't afford it for example the HTC Vive Pro is £1,119.00 on Amazon.
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Feb 25, 2020