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I'm gonna feed my dog bratwurst.
FADE IN FROM BLACK. Video showing scenes of slaves picking cotton, revivialist meetings, KKK cross-burnings, G.I.s setting Vietnamese villages alight with their Zippos, Nazis marching through Paris, Guantanomo detainees hooded and shackled, etc etc etc etc. . . MAN'S VOICE: George W. Bush is a REPUBLICAN. WOMAN'S VOICE: Richard Nixon was a REPUBLICAN. MV: Joseph McCarthy was a REPUBLICAN. WV: Rush Limbaugh is a REPUBLICAN. MV: Hitler wanted to be a REPUBLICAN WV (shrieking): SARAH PALIN IS A REPUBLICAN!!!! (Video freezes - fades to picture of Scott Brown.) MV (calmly): Scott Brown is a Republican. (Screen fades to picture of Martha Coakley) WV (soothingly). Vote for Martha Coakley. Because we know what's best for you. MV (rapidly, like those guys explaining details of a car loan at the end of the ad): Paid for by people who are better educated than you, have nicer houses than you, have lots more money than you, and are definitely better looking than you.
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Jan 15, 2010