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@bob: it's great that it's exactly what you want. but netflix did that before. you just had to hit "y" instead of "a", and it would play immediately, wherever you left off. the problem is that they took away the ability to casually look at the program before you played it. what if i saw something in theaters, and it sucked, and i want to rate it negatively when it shows up on netflix? do i really have to start watching it again to tell netflix i don't want to watch it or stuff like it? what if i want to read what the next episode is about to decide if i want to this show, or some other show? what if i'm watching a series completely out of order, or picking a "greatest hits" kind of selection? what if i'm only interested in related titles, but not the movie itself? none of these things should really require starting the thing playing. you can do all this just fine on the website. and you could do it in the old app. why not the new one?
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Dec 9, 2011