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Portland, OR
Raising goats and deploying Storage Area Networks since 2001.
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Why are t.v. shows crossing your desk and how can I get a job like that? :D
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@VirtualProUK This is what I was referring to in my comment. The RecoverPoint ISO image which is required for building the vRPA is no longer accessible to customers. I am a registered RecoverPoint user and recently the access on Powerlink changed and I am no longer able to download the RecoverPoint ISO image. So this looks like it can only be deployed by a partner or EMC personnel.
Barry, That was a good discussion with Pete Gerr, I get tired of the petty bickering among competing bloggers and enjoyed the civil debate. Please do this more often; just because a competitor/blogger gets snippy with you doesn't mean you should lower yourself to their level. Stay above the petty bickering and continue to dispense with the solid analysis and comments that brought me to your blog in the first place. As a happy EMC customer I have to disagree with you on one point. I like automation in my storage arrays, not my cars :-) I love to run my high performance turbo-charged car through all of it's gears on the winding mountain roads where I live, and hear the engine roar at high RPMs as I viciously push it through tight corners. Direct engine control FTW Aran
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2009 on 2.031: manual or automatic? at the storage anarchist
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Awesome, thanks David! We only have ESX clusters on our CLARiiONs right now and have not deployed ESX to our DMX so I didn't even think to look in that location. Kind of an odd place for it though seeing as it supports CLARiiON and Symmetrix arrays.
EMC Storage Viewer? I have never heard of this? I did a search on Powerlink and only came up with a few references. I couldn't find it browsing through the Documentation or Downloads menus either? Can you post links to more documentation on it?
Barry, Is this only for new DMX-4 orders? So existing DMX-4 customers (myself included) will have to still purchase the license? I would love to see this come to existing customers on 5773.
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Count me in. Just another end user looking for vendor bling....
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