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Living life in the fast lane on the slowest moving cattle ranch in South Texas
Interests: Cattle,Baby Calves, Bottle Calves,Ranching,Farming,Angus,Holsteins,Jerseys,Brahmas,Milk Stock,Milk Cows,Nurse Cows,
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Well it all started out in France back in 1582 with a change in the calendar. Way back then the French celebrated the New Year from March 25 to April 1 until Charles IX changed the calendar and January 1 became the new year. Well news traveled slow back then,... Continue reading
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So Jesse James checks into rehab, I can't believe that it's to improve his well being, more like a way to get away from the media. He has never seem to me to be the type that enjoyed the spot light, oh I think he liked the attention but hated... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2010 at's blog
CBS has interesting poll to tell how the public feels about the job Obama's doing. Join in take the poll it only takes a few second and the results may surprise you. (AP)With President Obama completing his first year in office this week, we are giving you the chance to... Continue reading
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Silly Jr suckling hid own nose Continue reading
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