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Just your average un-single, twenty-something gal trying to live life.
Interests: writing, football, historical fiction, war movies, contemporary country music
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There was a moment in the 4th quarter of the Packers/Cardinals game where I said that Aaron Rodgers could make himself a legend. The Packers D had made one defensive stop and the Packers had a chance. They came back to tie it and the Cards missed a field goal. Then I thought it would come down to a coinflip, because whoever won that toss would win the game since neither defense could stop either offense. Packers win the toss and I thought, again, Aaron Rodgers can make himself a legend. And, irony of all ironies, it was a defense... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
Ok I've uploaded a bunch of waypoints for cache's on my GPS and I'm really excited to get started, except that the weather is not quite cooperating. I think it would be rather difficult to find a cache burried in the snow, so I have to wait until that clears off (which could take weeks). I've been looking for a new digital camera so that I can take photos of places that strike me as particularly beautiful/odd/interesting and when I start finding caches I'll upload some pictures to the blog. Don't worry, I'm not going to upload any pictures pointed... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at Geocache Jam
I once purchased (or had one purchased for me) a Dell laptop that was factory refurbished and I loved it. It was a little bit cheaper and worked just as well. But that was purchased directly from Dell. I've found a digital camera (Panasonic Lumix FS15) that has everything I want, is one model higher than what I was really looking at and, because it is refurbished, is actually $30 cheaper than usual and a few bucks cheaper than the one I was going to get in the first place. The only problem is I can only find it on... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
I'm trying to find a new digital camera and the problem I have is that not a lot of stores let you pick up and play with them. Walmart does! So I went to walmart looking for the Sony Cybershot w220 and they want about $20 more than I want to pay for it. It has a nice big screen and takes really good shots of the photo department. I'm looking for a camera that is at least 10mpx and at least 4x optical zoom with a big screen on the back and relatively compact. The Cybershot is 12mpx and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2010 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
As suspected, the Bears have decided to keep head coachLovie Smith through next year. Smith, who has one year left on his contract, will stay on as the head coach but has been stripped of his play calling duties and has now lost his offensive coordinator, Ron Turner. Even GM Jerry Angelo retained his job. Smith has taken the Bears to the playoffs twice in 2005 and 2006, making it all the way to the Super Bowl the second time. It has now been three years since a playoff appearance. I know coaching careers are judged on those statistics, but... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2010 at Extra Point
It is hard to imagine, after a winless season, that the Lions could feel disappointed in winning two more games than the previous season. Their 2-14 season has earned them the second draft pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. They failed to win any game within the the division and won only one game within the conference. The good news is that both wins were at home, the bad news is they couldn't win any on the road. I wish I could say they came close to winning a few more, but the reality is they weren't. By a long... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2010 at Extra Point
So I'm contimplating the wonder of weather. I don't understand how it's been snowing for a couple of days now and their's no end in sight, but there are a few inches on the ground. A couple of weeks ago, however, it snowed for 24 hours and there was a foot on the ground. I'm a little perplexed. It doesn't seem to be falling any more lightly this time around. And this snow is very different. The blizzard a few weeks ago was really wet and sticky. The snow falling right now is sparkly and soft, almost looks like that... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2010 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
Yeah part of me was hoping the Packers and Vikings would match up and play each other in the first week of the playoffs. I had a really good feeling that the Packers could beat them during their third match up. That is....until I just watched the Vikings whip the Giants. Wallop. And now I'm not sure I want them meeting at all. But my daydream was watching the Packers walk into "Mall of America Field at the Hurbert H. Humphrey Metrodome" (a desperate attempt to marry tradition with corporate sellout) and beat the Vikings by a field goal in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2010 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
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Jan 3, 2010
I wanted to start geocaching so bad so I asked for a GPS for Christmas. Something just seems so cool about a network of treasure chests strung out across the globe with items stored inside from visitors that may live thousands of miles away. I left the decision making part to my dad but gently proded him in the direction of a few Garmin models I had read up on and had been told would make good units for a beginner. I will be using the eTrex Venture HC model and so far it has been easy to load geocache... Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2010 at Geocache Jam
I had a roommate in college who referred to the silly one-upmanship that goes on between the male species as a "penis war." You know, when they try to buy the biggest tv, drive the coolest car or immediately try to pack on the muslce when their buddy gets a little too buff. In this case, it referred to food. Apparently a few weeks ago a guy from work asked the kitchen to make him the spiciest wings they could make. He ate six of them. Tonight, a fellow front desk agent asked the kitchen to do the same. He... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2010 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
The reaction to the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane hitting in Va Beach drives people to the stores to purchase every gallon of water and every loaf of bread on the shelves. Apparently the reaction to the possibility of a snow event in WV (where they are decidedly more prepared than Va Beach) is to run to the store and buy every gallon of milk and other food items stored in the refrigerator. The milk truck that supplies the resort broke down and we were running low on milk so the MODsquad (Manager on Duty, who happened to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2010 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
I'm so glad I got the hell out of dodge at 3:30 from work today. Everybody was just starting to check in and we (not really me) were rushing around getting things ready and everything situated. I swear, sometimes (a lot of times) the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Nobody in that place can walk and chew gum at the same time. And word is a lot of guests are not going to be happy with the evening's festivities (or the fact that they neglected to make dinner reservations and that is somehow OUR fault). Meanwhile,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
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Dec 30, 2009
I'm a little bit (a lot) irked by the disappearance of Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. Are there not TWELVE days of Christmas, the first of which is on Christmas Day and lasts until Twelfth Night before the season of Epiphany (Adoration of the Magi)? I'm still in the holiday mood right after Christmas and if stores were advertising "time to buy yourself what you really wanted" then they are still referring to holiday gift-giving and should keep the holiday spirit that it entails. I went shopping at the mall yesterday and I think the mall decorations were still... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2009 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
I just spent the last 2 hours (!!!) typing up some recipes for a recipe box I'm trying to make. I LOVE cookbooks and, but they are really only good for finding new recipes. Once I've used a recipe (successfully) a few times I'm going to put it in my recipe box. I spent a long time looking for a good template on Word and ended up just making a 2.5 by 4 inch box with text. That way I can use my fancy craft scissors to cut it out and put it on an index card. (Yep, I've really... Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2009 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
Give A Squirrel A Helping Hand @ Yahoo! Video Continue reading
Posted Dec 25, 2009 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
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Dec 25, 2009
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Dec 25, 2009
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Dec 25, 2009
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Dec 24, 2009
The 1999 version of A Christmas Carol was on tonight and I wanted to watch something Christmasy so I watched it. MAN is that a creepy movie! I liked the muppet version but this is a dark and depressing story. The ghosts are scary looking. Why is it that a lot of the classic Christmas stories are kind of sad. Like, It's a Wonderful Life is about a suicidal guy. This version of a Christmas Carol was cheesey in terms of graphics as well. You have to remember all the hype of Titanic (in 1997) being cutting edge in terms... Continue reading
Posted Dec 23, 2009 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
I’m not gonna lie. The Christmas music we have piped into the lobby at work is a lot nicer than the normal elevator music that could be classified as enemy torture. I’m convinced somebody has it out for the front desk-ers because we are the only ones that have to listen to the same music over and over. What’s worse is when you are so bored that you catch yourself humming along with the saxophones. The Christmas music – no, not ‘holiday’ music – is a lot of fun and this is my favorite time of year. But interrupting my... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at The Un-Single Twenty-Something Life
At first this wasn’t really a surprising move. And I guess it still isn’t. Holmgren’s wife whisked him out of the country over the first weekend of NFL games on purpose. She was making every attempt possible to keep his focus away from football. Out of football for less than a year, Holmgren is now set to return to pro football in a different role: president of the Cleveland Browns. Holmgren was very successful as a head coach in Green Bay, where he reached two Super Bowls, winning one Super Bowl XXXI and losing Super Bowl XXXII. His time in... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at Extra Point