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Arbee Rae Riturban
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I have also come to expect Pierce giving away a few possession almost every game, which is not a good thing. OH well we have no choice but to cheer for our team. I really hope they get ray more shots though. If they are not going to use him properly I am wondering why they didn't trade him. Shooters shoot 6 shots is not shooting much.
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They're not looking for Allen either way. Bench him or start him they better start looking for him. I am getting tired of too many Pierce Isos
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I feel Pierce took many bad shots in the end (not the last shot). He took many "hero ball" shots in the last five minutes. He also had a lot of key turnovers. I think he is trying to do too much (not discounting his player of the month honors). I am also sure that a lot of people would bash Ray Allen's lack of production to justify a bradley move to start, but I feel aside from Rondo no one was looking to pass so Ray is left floating. He took a clutch shot and made it today. If they only set plays in the last 5 minutes we could have won. Even Rondo I felt chose not to pass to Ray on a couple of occasions. As a team they also did a terrible job rebounding. IF I am not mistaken Bonner had 10 rebounds for the Spurs. Thank goodness Phily lost too.
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Apr 4, 2012