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Mar 7, 2013
John, I've been a part of the Crisis Camps/Crisis Commons ( project since its founding in 2009. Also an InfraGard (PA) board member + STAR-TIDES. Offer good bona fides in social tech, IT + more. Very interested in contributing and, yes, earning. -Mike Russell/@planetrussell
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Aug 2, 2010
David, thanks so much for publishing this interview with Paul Levy. Folks interested in his work will also want to check out Nick Jacobs' (formerly ) Nick Jacobs was the very first hospital CEO to blog - way back in 2005. Paul has graciously acknowledged Nick as an inspiration for starting his own blog, as well. Full disclosure: Nick Jacobs has been a friend and colleague for nearly 10 years. He and Paul are both health care leaders who are truly passionate about real innovations and reforms. (May their tribe increase!)
David, thanks for your gracious shoutout. I discovered the Selective Twitter Status app after much trial and error, and have found it to be a wonderfully simple and effective solution to a nagging problem. I'm glad to share what I've found with others who will find value in it, too. So, now my long-suffering, non-Twitterphile friends and family on Facebook don't have to be subjected to incomprehensible stuff like: RT @NormanBilly OH: Rumble in Hastings, FTW! #needcheese #SaxonFAIL ...unless they want to be, of course.
If this particular Apple retail store is where I believe it is on NJ Route 73, Apple's mid-Atlantic corporate offices used to be right down/across the road. I used to go there periodically for training years ago, in another professional life. While not looking to read too deeply into this from a GG-centric geopolitical and economic standpoint, it's worth noting that the demographics of the location where this occurred are decidedly upper middle class. So, suburbia will be no refuge from the metastasizing "bazaar of violence."
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2009 on Sexier than money at John Robb's Weblog
Thanks for sharing this juicy and delicious bit of work. About those umpteen impressions advertisers normally need to make in order to sear an actionable memory of their product or service into my brain? Well, umpteen just became one, thanks. Read all about it:
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