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Scarlet Arcobat
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yet again going down to popularity, and cut paste free vectors... spoon flower please mix up the way the competitions are run to give everyone a chance... not just previous design competition winners...
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Heather Dutton: Tea Time: Twittering Tea Party is my favourite the pastal colours the whimsical lines! my email is karmacranes(@)yahoo .com is my email
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(designer name karmacranes) i would love to have a chance to win this!
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plaining a whole lot of things; currently finishing a blue ballerina type dress, has roses (fabric) every wear on it. cousins daughters dress, and best freinds daughters dress. bags, little clutches, and finally my wedding dress... sure ive missed a few things in there but currently limited via money... @karmacranes on spoonflower
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Jan 11, 2012