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Arden Leigh
The woman behind the Sirens Seduction Forum.
Interests: Arden Leigh is today’s freshest voice on women’s dating and relationship strategies. Bringing together her experience in neuro-linguistic programming, brand marketing, social dynamics, pick-up artistry, and the fetish industry, she coaches women on developing a proactive approach to achieving their romantic goals. She is the founder of the Sirens Seduction Forum and the author of “The New Rules of Attraction: How To Get Him, Keep Him, and Make Him Beg For More” (Sourcebooks 2011). She writes a regular advice column for Auxiliary Magazine and maintains a seduction blog called A Weapon Of Mass Seduction. When she isn’t writing or coaching, she enjoys being part of the New York nightlife scene as a personality and performer, and her band Arden and the Wolves released its first EP, “Break Me In,” at the end of 2012. She has been publicly labeled a predator and she took it as a compliment. You can email her at
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Blogs are never requests for personal advice but public discussion is always encouraged. Sent from my iPhone Arden Leigh The New Rules Of Attraction on Amazon Arden and the Wolves on iTunes
Well, there are coaches for that. Arden Leigh The New Rules Of Attraction on Amazon Arden and the Wolves on iTunes
Re: #StraightOuttaCompton #ByeFelicia: guys, FELICIA didn't put the rappers in danger cheating, THE MEN WITH GUNS put the rappers in danger.
Astrid - Thank you so much, that was so kind of you!
Yes actually, my paypal is, same as my contact email. I'm working on setting up a Patreon. Thanks for asking. :)
Roxy - FEMBOT, not alien! Let's not get our sci-fi characterizations mixed 😉😉 ps love you 💋
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2015 on The Reality of Fantasy at A Weapon of Mass Seduction
Sarah, That may be all well and good but I'm tired of being everyone's healing plot device manic pixie dream geisha sacred delphic oracle priestess-whore. I'm tired of my relationships ending with my men being healed and myself feeling damaged. Enough. I have fucking interiority. If you wanna learn from me without some sort of loyalty and co-regulation and responsibility to the relationship, you can hire me as a coach.
Gabrielle - Not self-pitying at all. Thank you, and congrats, and good luck. I think entangling intimacy with notions of tradition is one of the biggest dysfuctions of our society. Remember that you always get to enjoy intimacy on your terms.
My point is that both men and women owe it to their partners to playfully indulge their fantasies a bit, while still staying true to themselves as complex humans. My point furthermore is that women are doing this a lot already and men need to step it up.
Joann - I agree with you entirely, but back in my Don Draper's day, marriage was just what you did, without question. I also agree that (traditional) marriage and monogamy are not my circuses per se, but I am interested in sustaining longterm relationships that perhaps become more viable precisely because they do not carry the expectations and burdens of tradition. I want all the best of all possible worlds. And yeah, The Rules suck for endless reasons.
Mgm - did you even read the post? You are repeating exactly what I said and phrasing it as an argument against me. Maybe you should take a second read.
Nope, theres where youre wrong. The GPDB is absolutely a caretaker. He inspires her, supports her growth, helps her onto his motorcycle. The nice guy best friend thinks he deserves her love just by standing next to her and pretending to listen to her. The whole point of what I wrote about the GPDB is that he is a fantasy BECAUSE he takes care of her before theres even any intimacy or investment on her part. Sent from my iPhone
Nope, there's where you're wrong. The GPDB is absolutely a caretaker. He inspires her, supports her growth, helps her onto his motorcycle. The nice guy best friend thinks he deserves her love just by standing next to her and pretending to listen to her. The whole point of what I wrote about the GPDB is that he is a fantasy BECAUSE he takes care of her before there's even any intimacy or investment on her part.
Thanks Steve. Feel free to share the link out wherever you feel it might help. Sent from my iPhone
Crystal - not sure I entirely understand your last question. Sent from my iPhone
nld - Honestly your comment gives me pause. I appreciate the well wishes and nice words but as for this post being "personally healing" and "filling in missing pieces" for you, to me that feels like a boundary being violated. The only reason I am able to maintain a public blog such as this is precisely because I am no longer a pro-domme. What I provided my clients during those days was a professional relationship based in fantasy -- one that in the best cases, such as yours, was genuinely caring, heartfelt, and enjoyable, but nonetheless professional and therefore necessarily one-sided. It would be no less appropriate to seek out the personal details of your doctor or therapist. The idea that you were ever entitled to my personal history to "illuminate" things for you is an offensive one. When details about my personal life were revealed against my will during my domme career, that was a violation, and one I did not suffer gladly. You and I had what I felt to be a good working relationship, one that was always dictated by the needs and boundaries YOU set, and the idea that you needed to know more about me personally to "heal" from the aftermath, especially considering that everything we did (including ending the relationship) was not only consensual but by YOUR request, is sickening. I don't want you sharing my posts with the same people from the fetish community who outed me and strung me up so that I was forced out of the scene and into hiding, so that you can all sit around and psychoanalyze me. My true friends stayed loyal to me and didn't blame me for their own choices, and I can't say the same for you during that time. If you see anything in my actions that required a personal history steeped in mental illness in order to be justifiable, I'd urge you to start taking responsibility for your own actions in continuing to session with me. Sincerely I say to you: go fuck yourself.
For the record though, I also want a partner whom I can trust to have my back at all costs, whose back I have in return, who knows me inside out and whom I know inside out as well, like that ridiculously deep kind of intimacy where there are moments that you're so close you feel like you're in a hivemind for two. (Nerdiest description of intimacy ever.) That's honestly my deepest priority -- hence "primary-oriented," meaning I want a primary partner. I just know that the minute people lay down rules (e.g., don't fuck anyone but me!) that there's a natural bucking against that, definitely for myself but also for others as well in my experience. In my last primary-oriented non-monogamous relationship, which lasted roughly a year, I had sex with two other men. And for the most part it was to satisfy a lustful curiosity, and then it was back to my primary, with whom I had way better sex anyway. So it's not like I'm out to be super-promiscuous - though I wouldn't judge anyone who was, either, and nor do I think that number of external partners need have an effect on degree of intimacy... I'm just clarifying my own preferences for any who may be curious. I would consider monogamy for the right partner if it were really important to him, although I would probably warn him that I'd give it my best shot but that if it ended up not working for me then we'd sit down and have a talk about either adjusting parameters or parting ways if necessary. But like, that could go for any aspect of anyone's relationship, like what city a couple chooses to live in or whether they want kids, or who's the breadwinner, or whatever. People's needs change all the time. The more comfortable we get with the constant of change, the more adaptable we learn to become, the better off all our relationships are. That said, I'd feel weird being with a guy who wasn't even comfortable letting me make out with girls or having threesomes with me and my girlfriends. Who doesn't want a threesome with two girls! ;) So someone who's not at least a little bit flexible, open, and creative with their sexuality is probably not the right partner for me. Which is part of the reason I have naked photos on the internet. If you google me and you're scared off by that, then you're probably doing me a favor by not wasting my time.
Kate -- You cant call yourself a seductress... yet. Keyword: yet. ;) ;) Sent from my iPhone
Alex - I had a greater word count here ;) Sent from my iPhone
Geoff - I have a feeling we are debating semantics, because I agree with the majority of what you wrote. Point taken though. Sent from my iPhone
Val - That is a way smarter way than I had ever thought of putting it! :) Sent from my iPhone
Whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger...
Yes! I often have to remind myself of this. Sent from my iPhone
Ha! That is such an awesome compliment! Thank you! Sent from my iPhone
Thanks for the nice words! Yes, oxytocin happens in males too, but not nearly as much as in females, so Im told. Oxytocin and vasopressin are sort of the yin and yang balance of estrogen and testosterone according to what Ive read. Definitely looking forward to our next chats. :) Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry