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Interests: Anime, Role-playing, Computer Art, Computer Gaming
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"It would be hard to design a more ineffective stimulus than what we have." Considering the problems states are facing right now it's obvious geting a lot more money to the states right now would have a substantial impact (expecially is saving jobs).
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Warning: Wonkish computer stuff: The article doesn't make it clear if it's just pure source code since they mention "data" as well. And we are also missing lots of other details, like whether it includes all of the dependencies or not. For a comparison the KDE 3.x tarballs are around 350-400MB and that's with bzip2 compression (KDE being a popular desktop environment on Linux and UNIX systems). So uncompressed it's probably closer to 750MB to 1GB (and that's being conservative). And that doesn't count dependencies. So I'm sorry, but 32MB does not really seem like a lot of code these days.
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Off-topic: What's up with the new fontsize and color used for quoted text? I'm using Intrnet Explorer 7 and they are barely readable! Great post by the way!
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Jul 2, 2009