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student artist interested in painting, photography, fashion, & theatre.
Interests: romanticism, haute couture, anthropologie, bows, darts, silk, pleats, bias-cut dresses, dresses and skirts instead of pants or shorts, streamlined silhouettes, detail, etc
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YAY Thank you! I've never won anything cool in my life, and now I have! I <3 The Swelle Life!
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This post is awesome! As a student there isn't always time to dedicate to others, but I definitely do what I can at every chance. I start classes on Monday, but this weekend I am working on a mural project with the Girl Scouts of America. I wasn't a Girl Scout as a kid but to see the skills and values the girls develop is inspiring. And of course I always try to be as green as possible. My costume design research is presented in Power Point, Facebook event invites are a BIG thing for me, and I've always got reusable vinyl bags with me at the grocery store, library, or other shops. Fabric left over from projects goes into collage in my paintings or swatches for future costume designs, etc. A big thing for me also is Breast Cancer--I lost my aunt three years ago after it spread throughout her body. I click everyday at, volunteer at Susan G. Komen events, and try to educate others. If there's anything else I can do in my everyday life, someone let me know!
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Aug 16, 2009
Soooo I really like the black ribbon details but picture 6 makes me happy (aqua is my favorite color!) and 8 is something I've been thinking about making!! Just not for me because I already have hips. Haha. But yeah, LOVE THIS POST!! Thanks for sharing!
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