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New York
I'm Ariel. I love writing and wrestling and I usually have them together. ;)
Interests: Writing, Wrestling, sleeping, working, reading, summer
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Hi, Mick. Holy crap, I do not know how I did not know (wow, that's a mouthful) about this until a few days ago... I'm an avid follower of the indys here in NY, and was actually front row for Ambrose's last indy match... and I loved it. However, I don't know if this is "work" or "shoot" (I try to refrain from using the words that I think are meant for only wrestlers to use, but honestly, its late and I can't think of better wording) and honestly, I can't imagine how disappointing to me as a fan of Ambrose if this is something "shoot" (as I can't see how someone could intentially disrespect you in any way because you go out of your way to help/be nice to/etc/etc people and just be awesome in general) but either way, its definitely been interesting to read. And if this ends up on my TV... I wouldn't be disappointed, either. ;) ... for the record though, a match between you and Miz/or Dolph would be absolutely freakin' awesome if you ask me. :)
Hi, Mick! :) I must say, I agree with you. I'll say first hand, I'm not a fan of many of todays divas. But I think a lot of people, especially on the internet, don't give credit where it's due. And not liking said diva doesn't mean that they haven't worked hard, etc. I've come to enjoy the Bellas... perhaps enjoy a few others. I LOVE Eve. I think she deserves a chance to shine... really shine. I think also that a lot of people expect girls like Lita and Trish all the time, while Trish and Lita are "gems" so to say, and aren't simply "made" like some seem to like to be. You can't just throw a wrestling outfit on a girl and expect Trish Stratus which I think in some peoples eyes, should be how it works. I have a friend who trained to wrestle... who I know loves wrestling more than anything and she'll say first hand, how hard it was for her... and that not everyone is cut out to be the Lita or Trish, or Chyna. I think that many believe that as long as you're trained to wrestle, you will be that person and it doesn't seem that easy. Still though, I think like you said, they do deserve more credit, and that they work their butts off. While I still wish that girls like Sara Del Rey and so many others who are working their butts off to be in that spot get their chance, it's not like they weren't put through moments where it was wrestling and not just high heels and smiles (as I've read that about todays divas, how that's all their "good" for). It just seems ignorant to me to say that they never worked for what they've done, as well. I like that you stand up for people, Mick. It's something I've always admired about you and I love that you're not afraid to say something that others might not agree with. Stop being so darn amazing, you're making the rest of us look bad! Haha! Just kidding... but seriously, please keep being awesome.
Hi, Mick. Its songs like those that always give me chills at any kind of event, so I'd imagine at that game it was a warm moment at such a cold time... 9/11 was a scary day definitely and being only 8 at the time, I didn't have any clue what everyone was freaking out about. I still remember actually, after my mom picked me up from school, looking up with worried eyes and asking, "but we're still having tacos for dinner tonight, right?" To her, it was a good moment mainly because it took her mind off things and made her laugh, haha, but now, I cringe thinking about it... I guess it was a good thing I wasn't as aware at the time. Anyway, I definitely agree about the specialness that followed after 9/11 in events such as those... and the pride of everyone in the country. The city was such a different place months after, especially wandering around downtown Manhatten but you could feel the brotherhood and the warmth between people that you usually don't feel walking the streets there. Crazy how its been ten years, it seems like yesterday...
Hi, Mick! :) I LOVED the show on the 4th, and while I probably didn't say it after the show, am totally looking forward to the show on the 24th. I really enjoyed the jokes... especially the lightly added Al Snow part... I knew it wouldn't be a set without at least a MENTION of him. HA! :) I've been trying to convince a friend of mine to come see you... actually, him and his brother. They're both fans of you and think you're great, so it shouldn't be too hard. ;) Also did enjoy the other comedians that night... didn't realize Dan Barry DID comedy. Huh. I guess you learn stuff everyday. Anyway, I'll shut up now. My comments as replies always end up as long rambles... haha. See you soon!
Mick, you really should know at this point I have nothing but amazing things to say about you. And honestly, I hadn't watched Impact the week it all ended so I didn't have any clue at all what happened until the next day when I was catching up... and I realized just how much I was going to miss you in TNA. As a fan, I'll support you anywhere, but you leaving definitely put a little sadness on my day. Like many others have said on other comments, you are like no other, and I don't think many others first blog off a company would come off like this. And besides, I think you were one of the few who actually cared about what the fans thought about the show anyway... always a nice thing. Whatever you do next, I'll be a fan, I'm sure you do know. :)
Mick, can't wait to finally have the DVD! It does indeed sound AWESOME. :)
If I'm actually being honest, Mick, I didn't pick up on how great Edge is until about... say, last summer... a few months after he returned from one of his injuries. And since when I thought "wow, he really is great" so many months ago, I grew as a fan, and definitely thought he wouldn't retire as soon as he's been forced to. It's a shame, and I agree with everything you said... hopefully there is a nice big spot for him in the HOF in the next few years, I hope. :) Was just watching your match with him from WM22 a few days ago... seems very surreal to think he won't be around anymore... at least in the ring, that is. Anyway, very awesome blog as always... and Edge will be missed.
Definitely one of the most chilling and best chapters of the book, Mick. I have a few friends who are looking to get into the wrestling world and I know they appreciate stuff like this. It's sad when you see wrestlers who died young for no reason they should have when they could have been so much more than they actually were and did so many amazing things but their lives were cut short for something sad. I hope many wrestlers read this.
And another very good blog as usual. It makes me sad this wasn't put in the paper like you mentioned on Twitter. It should actually be in the paper. While I don't necessarily enjoy what WWE puts on TV currently, I think it's ridiculous what Linda McMahon is being attacked for, especially when she isn't even working for the company anymore, but that's basically been said from everyone. Well, all anyone can hope is that people use their minds and pick the best person for CT. If not, especially if it's coming from what is on the WWE, it's sad.
I didn't watch RAW, but your name was all over twitter in seconds and I was like, "WHAT?!" Pretty awesome. I am excited for the book! I've purposely not looked at any places where I would see it early since I want to have it on Friday, and not any earlier. I do plan on devouring it in the matter of the weekend, hopefully. Oh, and I can't wait for Impact! Well, see you at the Book Revue on Friday, Mick! :)
Well, would it be sad to say I've only been on one roller coaster my entire life? And it wasn't even a good one. And once again, I should definitely use this list and go on some more. :) And Mick, I just wanted to thank you again for last night. I really appreciated everything you said; you made my night. And I really hope I'm able to come to the book signing and all.
If I remember correctly, wasn't the Adventureland movie based off the real Adventureland in LI? I loved Adventureland when I was a kid, my family went ever summer. Wow, I really need to see more amusement parks and some awesome parks are only a few hours away. Especially reading your list, makes me want to see more of them. :)
Just voted! I'll make sure I remember to vote every day. :)
Hehe, this made me laugh. :) Another really awesome blog, Mick!
Still really love that quote. "Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing." Hope everything is okay, Mick.
Hilarious interview, Mick! Also really admire all the charity work you do, its inspiring and I think more people should be involved. It just shows there still is good in this world, not to sound cliche.
Very sad hearing about her right after you posted on here about the fire. I was already thinking about her for that reason and was shocked when it was all over the internet a few days later. I wasn't a fan of wrestling while she was on, but she was too young and it's just sad. Your blog was very touching though and I'm sure she'll be missed more than words can say.
Ouch! I actually did read the blog on TNA's website yesterday and even before I read this one, I thought, "Wow, Mick spent a lot of time on this." I really like how you put things, Mick. I've always enjoyed your promos. And Dreamer's from Impact, which I really did think was very good. Very much loved the blog, can't really say much more, it was just very awesome. :)
Mick, I have been resisting spoilers all week for the Motorcity Machine Guns vs. Beer Money. It is one match I don't want to miss, and I can't lie, I'm a little afraid who is going to win, haha. Actually, the entire show has me wanting for it to be time for Impact right now! Wish I could say I had something to send Luna, but I don't. :( Scary though, reminds me of when Jeff Hardy's house burned down a few years ago. I can't imagine how hard it is to lose all of that stuff. Eagerly waiting for your book to be in stores, I have a feeling I'll devour it in one day. :)
Does India have worse traffic than LI? :) Lol. Sounds like it might. I'm pretty excited for HardCORE Justice. Considering I didn't watch the orginial ECW and mostly only read about matches, this is exciting and fun. Impact has really been amazing each week too. Motorcity Machine Guns and Beer Money are one of the matches I look forward to each week on Impact. They should have done a best of like, 13 matches or something, as I don't want them to end either. :) Haha. Oh, TNA live events! I went about a month ago to the MCU Park show in Brooklyn and it was amazing! It was my first wrestling show I've seen live and everyone made the show great. I really do think it's awesome how fan-driven the live shows are and how much you are given for what you paid. Sorry for rambling in your blog about the live show, but it was awesome! Will you happen to be at the NYC show in September? I might have to make a sign that says "Mick Foley is awesome". :) Well, I always manage to write a book when I read your blogs, sorry. Haha. Can't wait for the next blog to read.
Thanks for mentioning me. :) I never imagined India to have a really powerful love or knowing of the wrestling world, haha. When I always thought of India, I have a very stereotypical view of their country, I guess. It's really cool to know there are fans there. Makes me feel excited as a wrestling fan to know there are fans of wrestling on every inch of the earth, well, almost, haha. Can't wait for your next blog, Mick!
Mick, this entire story made me have a huge smile on my face. I've always liked President Clinton, even though he was President when I was young and this made me like him more. He obviously has good taste in authors. :) Once again, also you've managed to make me laugh and smile all in the matter of a few words. "I had always hoped that wrestling fans (or fans of my books, or "Robot Wars" or some of my earlier adult film work) would feel that the time they spent waiting to see me was time well spent." Even though it was a comedy show and not a book signing, I walked away feeling my time very well spent after meeting you. I might have even bragged about meeting you for weeks. ;) Haha. I just wanted to say that. Will look for those appearances and twitter? I think you've just made my day, Mick! You'll be addicted to the website soon like the rest of us!
The last match made me laugh. I remember watching that match, actually. And oh, I really loved the one with Edge, that was an awesome match. I have that on some WWE DVD somewhere. I like the idea of having "Mick's Favorite Things". Can't wait for more. :)
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