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I am a writer from Seattle. Here are a few of my websites: BLOG || BOOK: || WORK || PLAY
Interests: dancing, laughing, blogging, hooping
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Jun 8, 2013
This reminds me of some of my thoughts when I left Los Angeles -- would it have been different if I hadn't lived a couple doors down from the corner of Venice and Lincoln, two six-lane boulevards? Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not. I think you know when you love the energy of a city, even if you don't love your street.
Related: Initially we suspected a simple teen girl’s fantasy about falling in love with a vampire, but that could safely be dismissed as too literal a reading. We now thought this was the tale of two repressed homosexuals using a local girl with mental health problems as a cover for deep seeded lust. Edward and Jacob were from different worlds. They had deeply conservative families. This, we felt, was Meyer’s true preoccupation. The advent of Breaking Dawn Part I, however, changes everything. With the new information contained within its 117 empty minutes, we now, at last, know the truth. This is a story about an abusive boyfriend’s attempts at wrestling a girl from her friends, family and one prospective healthy love interest, and her burgeoning realisation that her man is a monster.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2011 on That Happens? at Sparkwood & 21
Bitch has been bringing the funny since DIARYLAND -- so you KNOW that's old school. :)
Do you ever write about your erotic life or philosophy on your blog? Only on my secret filtered LiveJournal account. Do you use your real name, or are you anonymous? It's my real name, but filtered to only a few close friends. How old are you? 31. Do you like men, women, or both? Both. Do you masturbate? Yes. Do you orgasm? Yes. Do you have sex with a partner/lover these days? Yes, both. Have you ever been pregnant? No. Have you ever had an abortion? No. Have you ever had kids? No. Have you experienced menopause? No. What’s the first erotic/sexy picture or story you ever laid eyes on? A book my parents had called "The Secret Garden" that was about women's erotic fantasies.
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