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Long Beach, CA
Meet me at the gates of hell, I'm on the guestlist ;)
Interests: music, metric....
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This looks good. Well done, Corinne.
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"one of us will just post "BBB IS BACK ALIVE!!!" with the new posts and watch everyone else get confused " That actually sounds like some fun! "With all this talk of upcoming concerts I'm getting more and more excited for Stars!" Meeeee tooooo!!! I got my tickets clipped to my calender, and every time I see them I get super cuckoo. "You should check them out if you don't know them!" I will, but I'm really behind on music. I keep on hearing great bands and amazing music, then I add it to a huge list of cds that I have to buy. Sometimes I wish I could be happy with digital tracks. "I almost forgot how much I love being front row for live music" Oh, I know right! I've only been front row a few shows, but it just changes everything. "I'll be lined up for Stars like two hours early at least" Hahaha. Me two, I think they added an opener for my show, some side project with Torq, I think. I'm not sure. Alright, now I'm really getting excited. I sooooo cannot wait! "Ariel, you'd better get a good spot for BSS! And take us some beautiful pictures!" I plan to. The good thing is that it's a music store and if I get there a few hours early, I could just look around. =D "Also, I know you're dramatically anti-Facebook but you should make an account and only be friends with Ariel and I" Yes, Alissa do it!!!!!!!!!!! "If Lisa Lobsinger is indeed a robot you two would relate really well!" Hahaha. That's right. I also like her style. "I wonder if she'll be playing with BSS at your record store?" She will definitely be there. "I think I need to get on lastfm...I've never made an account there." Yes, it's tons of fun, Alissa will tell you. "Broken Social Scene?!? OH MY SO EXCITING FOR YOU!!!" Oh, yeah. Me too. "That will be a sweet release party!" Hopefully... "I don't remember if I've shared this with you guys or not" Yeah, I think it came up a few times. Hahaha. I know what you mean. I didn't find out that it was a free show until you mentioned it, though. "I'm very glad that this thread (which clearly has a long history...206 (now?) posts? Yikes!) is back in action" Oh, me too! We just have to get Alissa back on here. There were like no crazy faces the last few post, and I have no idea how to make them right. She makes them in to animals and everything. I'll go bother her on and make her come back. Hahahaha 207!!!!!? lol
HA! It's broken! I just wanted to let you guys know that this BBB thread has had 205 post. Cool, right? So, I looked at how this whole thing all started. It's just crazy to see how our BBB thing developed. It pretty much just started with LazyD recommending a Swedish band to me. Hahaha! Oh, right. I found this: "Love Is A Place - Broken Social Scene - Metric's version is so stripped down, it'd be cool to hear the multi-layer sound of BSS. Plus, I could sneak this one so that Emily's still doing the vocals" At the time Alex said this, I hadn't listened to much BSS. Now, being totally in love with them, I think that this would just be perfect.
I haven't posted here for like 20 days. Alissa, your fireworks killed me, good thing our Box Breaking powers made me come back to life. =D "While I can see Metric feeding on a wired festival crowd, I could see Stars getting lost in it." Definitely! "I feel like more people know them than know Metric, yet their show is going to be tiny!" You know, that's what I always thought too. People that I know or just meet always seem to know who Stars is more than Metric. I have no clue what's going on there. "I don't think ANYONE but Emily should ever be allowed to sing it. Srsly. It should be restricted by law." Like srsly!!! "go by myself and hang out with Jaime, who's promised to be my personal guide and make sure I'm never bored" That sound like fun! "=O =P ;)" And these are the faces I've missed so much in my 20 days away. "According to my account I've listened to them more than to Metric!!!" It's fine, that proves nothing. I've listened to Reverie Sound Revue more than Metric. But than again, you listen to a million more times than I have. lol "I don't want to scare you guys but they might have become my favorite band." ;:0 <
Hahahahahaha!!! Bad translation!!!!!! I feel bad for that country who speaks that language.
First one is easy! lol....."We were too wasted to close the window, friends and family looking into my only hiding place.The rhythm of a strangers skin" I have to think about the second one.... Joey, where is your picture?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2010 on No title at Metric
I feel like a stranger. Not that I'm good at it, I can't believe I missed Bad Translation....Sunday? Well, I still have tomorrow! Joey, what's the third one, it's cuckoo difficult. Hi, Ellen!
At least on Facebook, I actually had a chance to get at least one right. Hahahahaha!
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! This doesn't really make up for me just missing your Shepherd's Bush show by a day, but I guess this will be chill with this deluxe release.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on METRIC in the UK :: Lots of News! at Metric
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All of these photos are AMAZING, Briggins!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on No title at Metric
This track is friggin' brill. Thanks, Megan. By the end of the day, I would have listened to it three million times. :P My favorite DJ is always playing "All to All" and my second favorite keeps playing "World Sick". Hopefully one of them will change it up and play this track. "I sound like one of those abstinence coaches" Hahaha. You're actually better that me, Joey. I'm one of those music nerds who actually waits to buy the physical copy of the album.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on ... at Metric
Thanks, Alissa! I've actually never seen this photo. I love it!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2010 on No title at Metric
"It made me a bit sick from all the running" Hahaha. Yeah, I got dizzy. Great, great video. I kind of wanted to see Joules just fall all over the drum set when running. Hahaha. "What do you guys think?" I think you would look amazing in that outfit, Joey!
Right. So I'm not going to respond. I have a feeling the more we add, the longer it will take Alissa to get back to us. We all already scared Joey away, so yeah.....I'm tempted, but Alex's failure has discouraged me and reminded me that a short post won't be a short post at all. Hahahaha. This post is already longer than it should be. |D
"I apologize for the hiatus." Don't, Alex...It's a crazy school time for all of us. Something tells me you've got the worst of it, although I don't know about Alissa's situation. I'm still getting up to 7 hours of sleep, so I guess I am good. lol "Ariel, do you really not like the lineup? I thought it was SUBSTANTIALLY better than last years', especially the second tier artists." I think Lolla could have done better. I actually thought last years line-up was amazing. My reasoning might be insane, but I think a lot of the bands that are performing aren't festival kind of bands. I think bands like Grizzly Bear, Raphael Saadiq, Erykah Badu, Stars, and especially Blitzen Trapper should be kept in a more intimate performance venue. In my opinion, that's just the kind of sound that they have. But then again, I am a small venue type person, and I would hate to see a bands' music vibe be lost through a sea of people. I'm just one of those crazy people. Although, I do not think that Lady Gaga would be able to express her music in a smaller venue. lol "Just be careful! We don't want anyone knifing you or whatever might happen at a Stars concert in your city!" Hahaha. That's not going to happen, it's much, much smaller than the venue I saw Metric at. The place I saw Metric at was a 4000 person venue, the Troubadour, where I'm seeing Stars is about 500. I saw two other shows there and it's actually one of my favorite places. "I can't believe it's almost normal for a concert to end in a brawl in your city!" It's bitter-sweet, though it is my county, I don't actually live in Los Angeles. I live in Long Beach, where it's much tamer. Hahahaha. "so your going alone stories will have to be the ones that continue to keep us amused haha." Hahahaha. Though my show stories may be a bit more 'eventful', I would have rather talked about shirts. So, next 'alone' show hopefully will be less eventful than my last show, and a bit more that your shirt talk. :P "I have the feeling you are an excellent photographer" Wrong! But I plan to do my best. lol "we usually call them garage sales, regardless of there actually being a garage" Yeah, we call 'em garage sales too....but only if they are taking place in a garage. Hahaha. "but the homes are owned by the kind of people who would never have anything interesting you know?" Sounds boring. lol Find old people areas. Hahaha. Srsly, they usually have cool things, like always. To me garage sales are the best, cheapest thing to do on the weekend with friends. "I haven't heard anything I can think of from them, although I'm familiar with the name." You should take a listen, I'm really starting to love them. I recommend pretty much all of they songs. Hahaha. Although, there is is one flaw to this band, they don't tour. Instead they did this 5 video live performance blog. The singer is Lisa Lobsinger from BSS. I actually never really liked her at all until I heard RSR. I think it has something to do with her singing "Anthems..." all wrong; she always looks so bored when she sings "Did I tell you guys the friend who was supposed to go with me to Toronto for that concert has backed out?" WHAT!!! No! Why?!? "Otherwise you'd have been kicking yourself down the road..." Hahahaha. Yes, I would have. lol "Alissa, I think you even making mention of replying soon caused you to disappear!" Hahaha! I thought I was the only person who was thinking that. "Ariel, I think we would forgive a post without a question" Good, because I just did it. :P |D
Hahaha. Thanks, LazyD. You know I really get a kick out of the face she makes after she says "let's talk about boys instead". This is actually one of the first videos that I saw and just said "wow, Emily Haines is really a weirdo". Of course, as always, I mean that in the best possible way.
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Apr 6, 2010
This lineup is lame. The worst part is that it's in Maybe, just maybe, my opinions will make you feel better about missing it, Joey. Or maybe it'll make you cry two less tears. =D
I hope it stops like now, I believe in awesome Metric it should stop.
Not one of my favorites. Although, I really like how heavy the guitar sounds. I'm also really crazy about the the additional "sss-sss-sss" when Emily sings "succexy". weird!
Hey, hey. There's tons of action on here. Tons!!! Alex, you should un-melt. lol Srsly...
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on We need more mods! at Metric
Soooooo glad to see that we are all breaking boxes again. Cheers, you guys. =D