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This line looks super adorable! I can't wait for it to come out! Thanks for the chance to win.
I never tried a Gossamer Blue kit, but they all look gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!
Freckled Fawn is such a great embellishment kit! They're washi tapes are the best!
I can't wait until this line comes out! There are so many goodies for your planner it's amazing!
Ahh these are such great lines! Someone posted the pic of Love Notes on a Facebook group I'm on and I was like "ooo I need that!" I didn't know it was your line until now! It's fantastic! They both are! Sucks that American Crafts bought WRMK. But you'll go on to greater things and this is great for your portfolio! Totally buying Love Notes when it hits stores! x Tiffany |
Not sure if this is weird, but I've once documented my collection of Barnes and Noble receipts...the fact that I have a Barnes and Noble receipt collection is a bit odd, since most people would throw them out. I never know why I keep them though lol
this is super cool! where can you get carbon paper? at staples? also lol at bill evans the weather guy!
this is so freaking cute! looks so great!
I gave this a go. It looked like fun!
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2014 on 11 things. at Amanda Rose Zampelli | the blog
hey amanda. i love your blog! i actually just stumbled across it while googling "one little word" just to see more of how people are using ali edwards workshop. i really love your scrapbook style. anyway, i just wanted to say that i agree with what you're saying about this being the new norm, 30 is the new 21, thing. it has a lot to do with how our economy is at the moment; it's definitely making it a lot harder for the 20-somethings to actually find jobs doing what they want, what they are most passionate about, making a decent wage for them to move out of their parents' homes and live on their own. i'm only 24 and i completely understand you when you say you're a late bloomer of sorts. like, i'm just coming to terms with the idea of living on my own, maybe with some roomies, but i don't know how i would do that since i too don't have the money for it and i also live in nyc and wouldn't dream of ever leaving the place i was born and raised. and everywhere in this city is expensive! that and i still have NO IDEA what i want to do career-wise to even get a decent job. we're all still learning about ourselves, what we like and what we don't. we're still "finding ourselves" if you will. and there's no rush to be what society says we should be. so SO WHAT we should be living on our own with a good paying job by age 25, with a white picket fence, or whatever. as long as you have direction to make your life the way you want to live it, that's all that matters. i've been looking through all of your posts and i totally think you'll do great in design! your "one little word" is fitting and i think you'll succeed. it's really no rush when you're trying to find your way the best way you can. :) cheers, tiffany
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Jan 31, 2014