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This is it. It's another Cold War or probably worse. The US Congress has spiked our future.
If SST is suggesting that by reading and watching Zerohedge, Counterpunch, Sputnik, RT, etc, I am under Russian control or influence then that is utter nonsense. If SST is suggesting that my rejection of sanctions against Russia by the EU (vassals of the US) is Russian influence on my mind then that is even more nonsense. If SST is suggesting that the Russians tilted the election to Trump then what else can I say except: more nonsense. SST has always seems rational but this one posting is delusional. It almost seems like someone else has written this one.
Trump may talk about 'draining the swamp' but the Syrian army and its allies are really draining a swamp. Their work is almost done in Aleppo then the Syrian army will commence to drive the foreign supported terrorists out of Idlib. Armenians and other Orthodox Christians are in the Syrian army along with Sunni and Shia Muslims that are determined to eject all foreign entities from Syria.
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Hillary will be to Obama as Johnson was to JFK. They don't have to kill Obama, just pull out all the stop to get her elected. The entire US Deep State is with the program, neocons and neolibs. Johnson led to 50K+ Americans dying; Hillary will be millions. All bets are off on our survival in 2017 after January 20th.
Thanks for posting another example of agitprop in the US main street mendacity. They fooled me a lot during Cold War v1, but not in this Cold War v2. The US can take its Cold War for profit, death, and destruction and shove it.
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It is clear that the US supplied the Turks the flight info with a wink to take down Russian planes. Did the US think the Russians wouldn't figure out what the US did? This leads to another possibility. Since the US neocon/neoliberal lunatics in control of the US Deep State couldn't engineer a US/Israeli attack on Iran are they now planning to get Turkey and Iran at war with each other? It would draw in the alliances on each side and get their US war with Russia as well. We must not underestimate these lunatics and their resolve for more war. They have successfully restarted the Cold War between East and West. They have caused death and destruction on a scale not seen since WW2 (it is greater than the Korean and Vietnam wars). Over four millions have perished since only 1990. The US lunatics are not done digging the world into a lot more death, destruction, and chaos. The war they engineered in Syria is just a prelude to war with Iran and they are trying to use Turkey to start it.
Silly, of course. What can you expect from the 'indispensable and exceptional' lunacy that are leading the world to catastrophe like another people that thought they were 'uber alles'.
To express my impression of US policy I can only use concepts like lunacy, incoherence, recklessness, US exceptionalism = uber alles, cognitive dissonance, irrational, Empire of Evil, etc. It is obvious that the East will not bend its knee to the West. The East has drawn a line in Syria that the West must not cross. The East has been preparing for war with the West. The West cannot defeat the East. For the East defeat is not an option. Unless the US pulls back from its policy of exceptionalism there will be a world war. This is obvious to very few as most are dissolved into the drama from one day to the next. This is the late 1930's all over again but the roles have shifted. The US is fascist and trying to stillbirth the new world trying to be born in the East.
The US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals can at best be described as post-Christian and are throwing the Orthodox Christians to the wolfs in the interest of vicious geopolitical schemes. But there is a meaning to this terrible suffering: the last five hundred years of Western dominance over others (with all its brutality, cruelty, and greed) is coming to its end. The East has drawn a line in Syria saying 'no more'. The East is checkmating the West. Will the West listen or will it double down leading to a catastrophic world war?
Very thoughtful article. I would like to add an additional aspect of psychological projection. The shadow aspects projected into the subject are demonized in the subject which expresses self-hatred in the one that projects. The West projects the shadow aspects that are well listed by Sharon. The West hates its shadow (i.e., itself; it is an unconscious aspect of itself), and in its unconscious effort to integrate its shadow it strikes out against the world in its will to dominate which is driven by its unconscious effort to integrate itself. The West is bringing untold immense suffering to the Middle East and Ukraine driven by ignorance of itself and its unconscious drive to know itself. The West is playing out a Greek tragedy, which if acted unconsciously to its end will be an immense catastrophe for the West and the East.
The war in Syria is the fault line upon which the mega trend shift of world power from West to East is pivoting. Unless you see the mega trend you will not see that the West just suffered an immense defeat. Saudi Arabia, frustrated with the West that will not take down the Syrian government for the sake of Saudi pipelines, is now in the process of shifting to the East and they are shifting to other currencies for their oil sales. The Petrodollar has been cycling dollars since the 1970's from oil sales through Saudi Arabia into US treasuries and bonds which supports our debt spending. When the Petrodollar cycling drops off then Americans will see the bill for the debt fueled life they have been able to live since the 1970's. The end is in sight. The East is rising. The West is digging itself into a debt hole that will be its grave.
The debt cycle collapse that we are descending into over the next five years will be a historical super crisis and turning point for the US. Will the country emerge from the crisis by renewing liberty and freedom, or emerge as a totalitarian collectivist State? I fear that the latter is most likely. With the shredding of the Constitution and the rule of the power and pleasure principles US society and polity have descended to the level of thuggery and lies. For the State and its sycophants the ends justify the means! And the State is ready to grab all the power it can in the next crisis. I spent my whole life believing in American and Western civilization but near the end of my life I see it for what it is - deception and lies, propelled by its self-hatred, not worthy of its inheritance. The debasement of the US Constitution or of any good principle that we have inherited no longer surprises me. The West is on a crusade to debase any good principle still left standing.
I know the Chinese are rough, but I like how they deal with Muslims: if they get out of line they are shot.
This video of Christians weeping at the loss of their church (at 7:25) is heart rending. Muslims are scum, their religion is filthy hatred, liberals (most of my supposed 'friends' in California) that continually make excuses for Muslim violence on all Others can go to hell. I am fed up.
Bat Ye’or outlines the grand strategy of Islam against Jews, Christians, and the West. A must read for any non-Muslim. Of course Muslims will deny it all as they are taught by their religion to deceive non-Muslims.
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Who would have thought that Canada would stand strong against so many Israel haters in the West.
You are very close to the truth. America is being destroyed from within. Obama is a traitor; he is a Marxist, he is very supportive of Islam, and he hates the Jews.
Good God, what stupidity. The US uses its agents and local talent to start the 'Arab spring' rolling, the movement is quickly co-opted by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis (what else did anyone expect to happen?), then pumps money in to strengthen it. This is strategic dementia. This is insanity. The West will eventually pay a very big price for this insanity. Obama's name will someday be reviled for what he has done, but by that time it will be too late, as Islam, the implacable enemy of the West, will be unstoppable against the West.
Duplicitous Obama, duplicitous West, duplicitous USA.
I don't know about a majority of Armenians being anti-Semitic, and I'm Armenian and a strong supporter of Israel and know other Armenians like me. The Jew hatred that you do see in Middle Eastern Christians is due to centuries of ingrained dhimmitude as an attempt to keep the Muslim hordes at bay. They automatically go into dhimmi mode in order, they think, to survive. They are extremely fearful of Muslims and Islam and at the same time deny that there is anything to fear.
Turkey has joined the Iranian/Syrian orbit but many can't see this because they live and think in the past. I foresee a terrible war coming in the Middle East after the Muslim Brotherhood consolidates its power in Egypt and now it looks like they might take Syria. (All the other uprisings in the Middle East don't matter; only Egypt and Syria matter combined with Turkey). The regional Middle Eastern war that is coming will be nuclear. Oil production world wide will be cut in half. Within a year afterwards agricultural production world wide will decline causing the starvation of hundreds of millions. Many are unaware of the connection between oil and agriculture. This is what we face but no one talks of it or even thinks about it. American foreign policy has veered into incoherence since the late 1980's, but since the election of Obama it has become demented, overtly and obviously self destructive.
Two of the three have Armenian names. I can hardly believe it. What Armenian would be in support of the Islamic jihad? It doesn't make sense. Those two could be from Persian Armenian families that converted to Islam to avoid Muslim threats.
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The Christians of Iraq, including my people the Armenians, should arm to the teeth and patrol and defend themselves. The Muslim government of Iraq is hopeless. You can't trust Muslims to protect you.