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" think Joe Flacco is a elite Quarterback" an elite, not a elite ... ugh.. why do people have so much problem with this :(
I don't know how you'd go about asking the questions, but It greatly disturbs me when I see polls claiming (for example) so many people are against the Iran Deal when the truth is 99.99999% of them have no clue what's in it, or the complexities of it. Nay sayers get their info from rightwing media which means they have no clue the facts on pretty much any topic. Whether it's Iran Deal, or Planned Parenthood, or 'emails' and servers.. i wish there were some inclusion of the people you ask.. their age, their party affiliation, their source of 'news', what % come from wall phones, etc. I just find it exasperating that it's quite clear people for the most part only know talking points and have no clue the facts on any topic.. therefore, who cares what their uninformed opinions are. It was the same with the uproar over ebola, or 'net neutrality will take away our freedoms'.. or climate change.. omg! ... i wish there were a clearer way you can ask and receive responses, so we have a better idea of the kind of people responding and where they get their info.
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Oct 1, 2015