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Arjen Costerus
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Long time lurker here out of hiding. Enjoying the blog since my first trip to Baydaratskaya Guba 3 years ago. My point: A number of people here are going on about the fact that the temperatures are below average at the moment and they give me the idea that this means that there is not a lot of energy up there to get rid of the ice. But I see a tremendous amount of energy up in the Arctic. Not in heat, but in mechanical energy that is shearing the ice in ever smaller pieces. The ice is highly mobile this year, so all these pieces must be grinding along each other and breaking up in smaller pieces all the time. The cyclone may not provide a heat budget to melt the ice, but that does not automatically mean that it does not give energy to the ice pack. Just not the energy that we normally associate with the melt season.
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Jun 15, 2013