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My mother had The Look. Not sure I do (since I don't have kids to practice on.) What I know for sure is The Look (i.e. The WIFE Look) doesn't work as well on husband (or at least MY husband) as The Mother Look. LOVE the page 69 idea. Maybe one day all the writers here could post page 69 of their current WIP. Now I have to go look and see what is on my page 69.
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Taxes - yep I need to get my a$$ home from Florida and get those to my CPA. But everything is categorized on a spreadsheet so it doesn't take her long to do them. Nora - licked your hand? ICK Nancy - ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS? How could you let some stranger in your house at 9 at night? Never never! Crazy people - my "favorite" was Prince Mongo. He was a well known character around Memphis. I always wondered what happened to him and about dropped my teeth to discover he's here in Florida! (There was a newstory on him down here) To explain him...a judge ordered that Price Mongo should not show up in court painted green, wearing a loincloth and a headdress.
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What a great story. Since we live on a lake, we have ducks galore but one of my favorite stories...We have a three-sided fire pit near the lake where I burn limbs, ivy, the hair off the front of my head (that's another story), etc. It's common for me to pile limbs and debris there in the fall and winter and burn it come spring. One year as I was tossing some limbs on the pile getting ready to light the dry wood, the small limbs in the pile began to shake and move. Suddenly a female duck came racing out of the fireplace, quacking with wings spread. When I looked into the pile, she had a nest and 4 eggs. I didn't get to burn until much later that year. My parents also live on the lake. Dad loves to feed the ducks. The next door neighbor didn't like the mess the ducks made (feathers, poop, etc) and asked him to stop feeding them so he did. The next year, a female and male duck built their next and raised their brood on the neighbor's deck! I loved it. And no, she didn't run them off. We have a zig-zag spider who lives on our deck. My husband will turn on the exterior lights at night so bugs will get caught in the spider's web. He calls it "feeding the spider".
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2010 on They're Baaaaaaack! at The Lipstick Chronicles
William - John Holmes - large blunt object.. BRAWAHAHAHAHA Oh crap... I should have peed before I read that. (TMI?)
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on Got Milk? at The Lipstick Chronicles
Best headline EVAH: Woman Found Bludgeoned To Death Foul Play Suspected Foul play...hmmm, ya think? Breast milk cheese - Nope Not going there Lindsey v E-trade baby - That gal is sick for attention, isn't she?
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on Got Milk? at The Lipstick Chronicles
How sad is it that I ALWAYS look to see who got WORST dressed...then tell myself that I'd never have worn that! BUT Charlize...girl, don't you have a mirror about chest high you could have looked in? Why not just draw two big ole hand prints over you boobs. Vera Farmiga - that red dress liked like she should be doing some type of flamingo dance. Just awful. I thought Sandra Bullock was just lovely, classy..she hit the right tone
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Guilty Pleasure at The Lipstick Chronicles
I am so sorry , Sarah. I didn't know about your dad (knew about the heart attack but no of his passing) I've sat in a waiting room with all three of these people.
I watched. After limiting the acceptances speeches to 45 seconds, they wasted SO MUCH TIME on that stupid dance number. If the producer of this year's Oscars wins an Emmy, it's a rigged contest --or there was no competition. I was thrilled for Sandra Bullock. I loved her in The Blind Side. You know how people love to post links to authors behaving badly (usually when they respond to a bad review and get into an argument with the reviewer)? Anyone see how Sandra Bullock responded to the Razzies this year? She won a Razzie for All About Steve. She showed up to collect the award! Good job Sandra. A Razzie and an Oscar in the same year. My first movie..was either 1001 Dalmatians or Bambi. I remember seeing them both but I must have been about three so I don't know which was first.
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I wish I could have been there! It looks like a wonderful. And YOU SOLD OUT OF BOOKS!! How very cool is that? WOW, your daughter looks like you. (And yes, that is a compliment to her) I am thrilled for you. Now, we need Roxy to hit NYT list to make this book the hit it deserves to be.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2010 on New Books in March at The Lipstick Chronicles
This is excellent. Having lost about 37 -40 pounds (I'm fluctuating around those numbers), I KNOW I wouldn't have done this without the group support I've been getting at home. Since I've been snowbirding in FL, I haven't lost anymore weight. Held my own, but not lost more. As soon as I home to AR, I'm going back to the weight loss program. So much support. However, I'd love to join in with you guys. Did I overlook how to join y'all?
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2010 on Help Me Out Here!! at The Lipstick Chronicles
I am sitting here trying to remember where my FIRST wedding dress came from and I swear, I don't remember! However, when I got married the second time, I couldn't find a dress ANYWHERE. My mother came to visit and while I was at work, she went shopping. When I came home that night, there was THE DRESS. She'd found it and brought it home on approval. That's mother found and bought my wedding dress. I wish I could be there for your launch party. I bet you guys have a blast! I did take a picture of your book on the shelf at B&N on Merritt Island, FL and found the one copy at BAM and turned it face out on the shelf. Thank you Nancy for yesterday's guest blog. BIG THANK YOU to all you for dropping by and supporting me and Nancy. I've chosen a book winner and am trying to get in touch with her today. (I'll be ordering the book from Mystery Lovers Bookshop so Nancy can sign it.) And your daughter's dress...INCREDIBLE. I would not want to cover all that detail up with a veil...after all, the guy she's marrying has already seen her (and you're not doing a switch out like in the Bible). Are you? If so, that'll be a good story.
Cyndi is in ARKANSAS, not Oklahoma but to be fair, the last time I saw Nancy, we were both in Tulsa! Took the survey. Can't take you up on the wedding thing. Hubby frowns on my having a second spouse (he's no fun AT ALL!) I was so lucky to get to spend some time with Elaine in January. What an incredible woman. Got her new book then but am holding on to it as my reward for writing! and do go visit Nancy's guest blog. It's a hoot! AND I'm giving away a copy of her book (which I'll order from Mystery Lovers Bookshop AND have Nancy autograph before it's mailed) Thanks to those of you who have already stopped by.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2010 on Two Plus Two Plus You at The Lipstick Chronicles
Susan - I'll admit...I don't like the title. Cougar has a bad tag, producing a stereotypical response. However, I love the story idea. It is my exactly the type of book I'd love to read and WILL put it on my buy list. Nice to see you back here.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2010 on The "C" Word at The Lipstick Chronicles
Still waiting to hear where/when Nancy is going to be on TV. AND (this is important) Nancy is guest blogging on Wednesday on my group blog. You all WILL there to support us! :) Shopping - My personal version of HELL. I hate it. Husband LOVES to shop. We spent yesterday shopping. BUT I did get a COACH purse out of the deal. Yes, it was on sale. (Don't repeat this, but it was a $198 purse that I bought for $55.) Even what I spent for my new purse was too much but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. And whoever mentioned Marshalls (and TJ Maxx)..LOVE shopping there. I "heard" that the new merchandise arrives on Tuesdays. I go on Wednesdays. Seems to work. Racks have lots of new merchandise on Wednesdays. (Don't say you don't learn a lot on this blog!) But Debbrasue is right...It's the thrill of the hunt I enjoy, not the shopping.
Well, Kathy seems to have hit a hot button. I'll keep it short. but first - SUSAN SHAY - that smiling face sticker on Brockman's book..OMG Funny!!!! Hot Books - Never. Oprah recommends are an automatic avoid for me. Her "taste" in books and mine are not even close. Where do I buy? Another book slut. I buy everywhere. B&N, BAM, Sam's, Walmart, airport...I don't care. Same Author/Different Book - will give it a shot. I have quit authors. For me, every book stands alone. I do love series, however. Location- CAN matter, but more in a negative way than positive way. Meeting the Author - Yep. I'll admit that I'll buy the books of authors I've met/Authors I consider friends, even if I never read the books. (and I have read Ms. Martin's new book. Can't wait to discuss it here.) On the flip side, there are three authors I've met that I would not buy their books if the price was $1.00 They spent an entire conference making sure everyone knew they were in the "cool" group while the rest of us were on the "outside" They are bestselling authors. Don't care. If an author signs near me, I go. I buy. I love signing.
Also, I'm dragging Nancy over to my group blog on March 3 AND I'll be giving away a copy of Roxy's book, so mark your calendars to visit that day. You'll be helping two of us with one click! (psst Nancy....Need something for the blog, remember) Blog address: Now, if any of you have every visited my personal blog (which WAS, you may be wondering about the new one. Well, I've been group blogging for a while AND (here's the best part) while trying to get rid of an old gmail account, I DELETED MY ENTIRE GOOGLE ACCOUNT, which of course deleted my personal blog. So my blogspot is no longer. Sigh. I tried to find the silver lining...I can rerun some topics. LOL I'll also be talking about Nancy's new book I THINK on March 2 at the group blog. and congrats on 1700!! ANd what a cutie in the picture. Something you pulled of the net? (hee hee)
When you're finished at the toilet, scoot over. I feel a little nauseous myself.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on Plenty of Nothing at The Lipstick Chronicles
We had a generator for a weeklong ice storm a few years ago. we were without electricity for about a week. Then a couple of years ago, the remnants of a hurricane made it's way all the way up to Arkansas (can't remember now which one.) trees down. Lines down. No power. At first we dragged the generator out but since we hadn't run it in years, it didn't want to run now, except on high. THen we looked at each other and said IDIOTS. We have a 40ft motorhome parked across the street. It has a generator, satellite TV, a/c, a kitchen, etc. We moved into it for about a week. But at least it wasn't freezing like at your place. I have found that I don't tolerate cold so well any more. Give me sunny, warm (not hot) days. I think next winter when all the snow and ice is making it rounds, we hold a TLC conference in Florida...on the beach...and I nominate Elaine to host. Who's with me?
I'll check up on your sleep for you if you'll bathe my dog every other day with special shampoo that has to remain in contact with her skin for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on Swap Meet at The Lipstick Chronicles
I am so sorry about Hoss. My heart breaks for you. Even if the last trip to the vet is the best thing for your loved pet, it's never easy to lose a loved family member. I bet Hoss had the most wonderful life with you and McD. (((Julie))) Hugs Cyndi
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I ALWAYS read sky mall when I fly. I have to shove the thought of all the germs that are probably on those pages! LOL and I ALWAYS find something that I just can't live without. But I've never ordered from S.M. I think the prices are a tad out of sight! Did you fly to Colorado to see the kids? Somehow I had it in my head you drove. And you tweeted that you are working on your resume??? what's the story there?
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I think I enjoy the winter Olympics more than the summer Olympics. there are very few of the events of the winter Olympics that I don't love. Hockey...not so much. Don't understand the sport. But love the various events in skiing, and those in skating. I was so happy for the Canadian who won the first gold metal for Canada on Canadian soil. Very cool. And the gold metal won in couples skating last night - the married couple from China. Was happy for them. They had worked 18 yrs for that metal. I'm enjoying the games BIG TIME!
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I shall be on the lookout for "Waitin' on a Woman" as the next country music hit. LOL What a view. Colorado always blows me away with it's beauty. Be Safe
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2010 on Waitin On A Woman at Another Chance Ranch
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I am so jealous! Our last doberman died in in 1999 and due to our travels, we haven't gotten another one. (Some RV parks won't let Dobes in. Stupid.)Our Dobe was Alexis. She was INCREDIBLE. Great personality Funny. Protective. We also had Max. He died two months after I married my husband. (Max was his dog) Hubby was crazy about that dog. Hubby also had "Sam". As far as names, I did go through (and flunk out of) dog training class with my border collie (Maggie). Maggie is too smart for me. LOL But what I remember is that trainer said one syllable name was better for training. Max Sam Jake Zeke Huck Chad But I do love ELVIS...great name.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Our Family's New Arrival at Another Chance Ranch
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Love Bruiser! Looks like he has it pretty good.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2010 on Meet Bruiser Woods at Another Chance Ranch
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