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why am I reminded of that scene in The Right Stuff when John Glenn refuses to order his wife to talk to Johnson, and the head of NASA says if Glenn doesn't he'll change the flight rotation so Glenn misses his chance to go to space, and all the other six Mercury astronauts immediately surround the director and ask him "Who are you going to get to replace him?" with the implied "Not me." Even though everyone was jonesing to go. That's what this reminds me of. Humble is about to learn what that word means, I think...
Redirected here from someone who said "read this" I also got one of those lovely letters from MZB. She didn't tell me not to write again, just that my submission to S&S was "objectionable". How objectionable was it? Strong female swordswoman saves helpless young man from the fate worse than. Or tries to; she's too late. Yep, her female characters get brutalized in ways Caligula never thought of, but one mention of male rape and she didn't even finish the story. This from a woman who pimped little boys to her husband. No seriously. It's not you. It's SO not you. Write your stories; each one is a victory.
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Jun 30, 2010