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Arlene Tatum
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Concerning the work God has led me to do in Rwanda, Africa, my friend .....Joyce Voeller Pepos, wrote on my fb page ‎...."Arlene Arlene Arlene - you are truly making a difference!!"
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on You Are My People at (In)Courage
Margaret ~ Dear Jesus I pray that your love would pour out and cover Justin and Nicole and they began this marriage and Holy Spirit may you give direction and wisdom to them both in their choices of obedience to your Word when making the decisions they will need to make as they this "new" future together with you. May their marriage be a testimony to those who know them of your love, mercy and grace. Thank you, Jesus. And for me...I have cancer, a tumor in my skull, and the Radiation has left me with pain damage among other problems. Additional skull problems are now occurring...pray for God's healing and if He chooses to allow me to continue with the " new issues" that His mercy and grace would help to live every day for His glory. Pray that the Holy Spirit would help me to be able to continue the HIV/AIDS Women's and Prison Ministry in Rwanda that He has called me to, A May/June trip is scheduled. That the Holy Spirit would speak into the hearts of people who hear me share here in America that they might donate used scarves and ties for blessing others with a tangle gift of God's love. Thanks for the prayer covering. Thanks holly for your encouraging devotions and for being transparent. Arlene &
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Feb 21, 2010