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May I throw out Zach Duke or Paul Maholm's name. It seems the Yankees are in the market for more of a middle to back of the rotation guy. It seems like one of the two Pirate's lefties could be a target as Neil Huntington and Brian Cashman obviously have a good relationship and Neil has mentioned that he would wait until some of the better starters came off the board before "seriously discussing" those two. Just seems like it could be a fit.......again pure speculation on my part.
To follow up on the Pirates managed to get anything for him, let alone the 5 players they got for him and Jack Wilson, just blows my mind.
Snell is the very definition of a headcase.
Well since the Yanks are taking they're own guy the Pirates get to pick anyone essentially. I hope they take Arquimedes Caminero. If the reports on his stuff is true they should be able to get him some time this year as well as letting him pitch in a consistant role in the minors next season.
Dan Uggla for Zach Duke could be a start, though something might need to be added here or there to make it even.
Yeah they said McCutchen is untouchable.
I still like the idea of Boston signing him and trying to swing a deal for Cabrera or Gonzalez.
Maybe Dodgers, Brewers, Orioles, Dbacks, Phillies and the Mets and Rockies. At least that would be my guess rating level of interest from greatest to least. I put the Mets and Phillies nerar the bottom because I think they can afford to go after bigger names in the Phillies case through trade and the MEts through FA. Again just my opinion.
Could be a fit for the Pirates. Cheap short term right fielder.
Oh on the Doumit thing I doubt he gets traded but what about a deal centered around Ryan Doumit and Matt Capps for Dan Uggla and a minor prospect?
As a Pirate fan it is nice to see us linked to names of guys that stand a chance of having a decent year (i.e. Duchscherer, Tejada, Jackson, Iwamura, Gonzalez.) Huntington is being more aggresive than I have seen a Pirate GM be in over 10 years. If we aquire any of those 4 I mentioned, obviously excluding Iwamura, I would be very impressed and happy as a fan of the Bucs.
Huntington is throwing the Pirates name in on some guys that you wouldn't normally expect. Ankiel, Blalock, Gonzalez, Dejan's piece today even mentions Tejada. Not top tier free agents but still a step up from what they are usually looking into in the offseason.
What about Gamel for Maholm. The Brewers showed interest in him while they were shopping JJ Hardy. Granted the Pirates don't need a 3B. but it is always nice to stock up the farm system and also to have options. Does Gamel play anywhere else like OF, 2B?
I could see the Pirates being in on Phillips like they were on Hardy.
I would like to see the Pirates go after him even though they just signed Iwmura. They have enough payroll to take his contract with a raise. What about Duke or Maholm and a prospect for him.
I think the Pirates will sign a corner OF. Marlon Byrd or Mike Cameron could be a fit. Personally I don't like the RIck Ankiel idea. They need someone that is capable of playing everyday and might have some value in a trade if Tabata proves he is ready to be an everyday Major Leaguer. I would like to see them sign a starter but I doubt that. Rich Harden is a very interesting guy he could be a low risk high reward guy for someone unfortunatly not us.
Our lineup will be alot better next year than it was this year if I had to guess. By the end of June excluding any trades or major signings it will be 1. McCutchen CF 2. Iwamura 2B 3. Jones 1B 4. Alvarez 3B 5. Doumit C 6. Milledge LF 7. Tabata RF 8. Cedeno SS 9. uke/Ohlendorf/Maholm/Morton/Lincoln P That is pretty solid probably not to the contending level but still not embarrasing. If you pick up some decent bullpen arms it could be an over .500 team.
"I think we can all agree that somewhere, there is a budget number that Neal Huntington can tap for not just the 25 and 40-man rosters, but players in general (draft, international market, Japan, etc.). Gone is $4.85 million of that budget for a guy who what, helps you finish juste 29 games out of first instead of 30? Not that the Royals haven't made some serious missteps under Dayton Moore (no need to rehash), but look at what they did in the draft last year: Signed RHP Aaron Crow to a $3 million+ deal. You'd be hard-pressed to find a scout who doesn't think he'll be an effective big league starter. Went over slot in the 3rd for C Wil Myers - $2 million. Second best pure hitter in the draft per BA. Went over slot in the 4th for LHP Chris Dwyer. Sure, not all the guys you draft are going to be big leaguers, but hasn't it been proven that, barring Yankee-level resources, that plowing resources into the amateur market is far more beneficial long-term than spending $5 million on stopgaps?" The draft arguement is stupid considering the Pirates have been in the top 3 in draft spending both years Hunnington was the GM. Pedro Alvarez got 6MM dollars that was a tad over slot. Also the Sano arguement is stupid because his agent had a huge influence and basiclly told him not to sign with Pittsburgh don't believe me read the stories. Every one is saying they are wasting money on a one year guy. How are they wasting money the President, GM, and Owner have all confirmed that draft budget, international budget, and player salaries are three seperate entities and none have any reflection on how much is spent in another department. It is one year if it doesn't work out they just don't resign him. It won't hurt anything. They needed someone with experience at the position. By the way Tony Sanchez can not be traded until one calender year after he was drafted. One last thing anyone who thought Aki was worth Capps, Doumit, or even Sanchez is absolutly crazy.
I like this trade for both teams the Rays need some middle relief help although pitching in that division will be tough. As for the Pirates it makes sense on a few levels: 1. I hate to say this because I really want to see him here ASAP but this could mean they don't bring up Pedro Alvarez all year and then in 2010 move Laroche to 2b. 2. Delwyn Young/Neil Walker/Brian Bixler/Luis Cruz. None of those guys can be an every day 2b at the MLB level at least not yet. Aki gives them a legit 2 hitter and great defense at 2B. 3. It makes it so if a contender has an injury at the break the Pirates have assets availible which is what Hunnington likes. He likes having guys that other desperate teams might overpay for (i.e. Freddy Sanchez, Jack Wilson, Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte.) 4. He could be packaged and flipped with say Doumit or Capps (as history has shown teams will overpay for closers even ones coming off bad seasons) for good prospects.
I watched about 90% of all televised Pirate games this year and to me it seemed that when Capps came in in save situations he pitched a lot better. It seemed like when he was in there in a non save situation that he just tried to throw the ball by everyone but when it was a save situation he was mixing pitches. One thing to consider about the closer market is teams usually overpay for closers. Matt Capps is only 26 and he has 2 years of team control left and he still can hit mid 90s with his fastball and has a decent change.
The thing about Capps is that he still has really good stuff and is only 26. The problem was either he couldn't find the strike zone or everything was right down the middle it was like he was thinking too much. It wasn't like he lost 5 MPH off his fastball or anything like that. Mechanical issues should be relatively easy to clean up as opposed to his stuff falling off.
"If I'm Duke I wouldn't accept anything and hope to get out of Pittsburgh as quick as possible." do know he doesn't have that option right he is in his arbitration eligible years so he can't decline it. The Pirates havecontrol over him next year no matter what. Besides that he isn't even the best pitcher on the staff. The Cedeno Wilson arguement is stupid when you factor in that Jack Wilson had a ridiculous contract and Cedeno won't make over 2MM next year. One last thing I hope the Pirates avoid Nick Johnson he is injury plagued we don't need that. I would like to see them sign Ankiel or maybe Marlon Byrd.
I actually read and heard an interview with this guy. He had written on a piece of paper his demands he wanted an autographed Coghlan bat, an autograped Hanley bat (which I can't blame him for asking for an autograph of one of the best players in the game.) and tickets to the Brewers Marlins series in Florida not the Yankees. And in the article I read Coghlan was a total dick to him and the only thing he said to the guy was "Are you going to give me my ball or what?"
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If he isn't going to ost more than 4-6MM the Pirates should look into him and hope he has a good first half then trade him for a decent prospect or two. I don't know why more clubs that know they are out of contention don't try things like this.
So basiclly since July 30th the Giants lost two of their top four prospects while getting next to nothing in return.