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Southern California, USA
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@CJ don't know what you're talking about, but you don't need a credit card on file to have a PSN account
still don't understand these streaming limits i have a ps3 and wii that both stream Netflix at the same time just fine and i'm only on a 1 out at a time DVD plan
Hulu Plus Preview requires PS+ in order to use it right now then once the preview is over the app will be available for all users Sony confirmed this i don't think Netflix will require PS+ either not alot of people have PS+ and i'm sure these companies know this which is why it will probably be free for all PS3 users so that they can get more subs from people who have a ps3 and not Netflix yet
so if i send in the movie i currently have now tomorrow i should get avatar to ship for delivery thursday?
looking into getting the $80 roku box for the living room we got a Wii in my sister's room i got my PS3 in my room and for the parents they need something to stream for the living room (and no they don't have an HDTV so the $100 one is really not an option)
FYI on the Hulu subscriptions the rumor is it's going to be called Hulu plus which allows you to watch whole seasons of shows whenever you want instead of the only 5 recent episodes at a time they have now also it's being said Hulu will still have free service to watch the 5 recent episodes like it's currently doing Hulu plus seems like something for people who don't have Netflix to stream imo
need it for PS3 and Wii as well i never watch stuff on Netflix on my PC anymore since streaming came to my PS3
@ Greedo it means you won't need a disc to watch netflix stuff on your PS3 it will be a icon on the XMB you click to start the program
here's hoping this native app for the XMB won't be tied to some premium PSN service SONY is rumored to be starting soon
@Luna Saisho he's not ragging just saying if your in the look out for something to stream netflix on and game 360 is $40 - $50 for a year of LIVE and $100 for wi-fi if you have a router not close to your TV (i know alot of people who don't wi-fi is a must for them) the other gaming options have wi-fi and no need for additional fess to stream netflix it's just the facts =]
i'm loving it i had a wii i gave to my sister a year ago which she never uses but would watch alot of netflix stuff on our old desktop due to us dropping our cable i have a PS3 in my room that i use to watch alot of IW stuff and was very happy to hear when they announced NF for wii. my impressions so far (5.8MBPS cable internet using wi-fi on Wii) it works great the load up time on it is pretty fast, the interface is nicer and faster than the PS3's, and the picture looks great couldn't be more pleased
i think the interface is much nicer and snappier than the PS3's i hope when we get it on the XMB it will be much faster than it is now but for wii i think it works great now my sis can watch all her cartoons on her TV instead of a PC monitor which she hated
getting where the wild things are hopefully it's good
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Mar 29, 2010