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Your source, the New York Post, certainly does seem confused, but I doubt that many of Obama's supporters are "scratching their heads" along with them. Until DOMA, marriage had always been addressed at the state level. Obama says that's fine with him -- a pretty straightforward position (and a rather conservative one, too). Gay marriage is a complex issue, and Obama's position recognizes that complexity. It forgoes simplistic sound bites and thus may well appear incoherent to the New York Post, in those fleeting moments when it manages to tear its attention away from Jennifer Lopez's plunging neckline. For a thoughtful analysis, see
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Norfolk State renewed the MEAC's insurance policy against getting put into the play-in round.
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Regarding Hagan, what I'm happy about is that she's being so transparent about her thinking and acknowledging that it's only industry concerns and not those of her constituents that make reconsideration necessary.
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Jan 24, 2012